Lemon bars only 2 ingredients

I’ve been looking for yummy healthier desserts to make & found this recipe.
It is 221 calories per serving but was totally worth it.
All you add is a can of lemon pie filling and an angel food cake.
Mix the 2 items together by hand & bake pour in ungreased 13x9 pan bake at 350 degrees for about 20 min or until top is golden brown.
Note the cake will rise very high, but let it cool completely & it “falls” then I sprinkled with a little bit of powdered sugar.
I sliced it into 12 pieces.

Here is what I scanned into my recipes to get the nutritional facts:
Lucky Leaf - Lemon Pie Filling
Betty Crocker - Angel Food Cake Mix (White)
Great Value or Domino - Powdered Sugar, 1/4 cup

Per Serving: 221 52 0 3 0


  • JMOrwig
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    It's in the oven now! I'm hopeful! Thanks for the idea!
  • debramariemary
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    YUM... thanks!
  • This sounds SO good, but I had to look at the carb count. For the entire recipe there are 587 carbs! Whoa! If there are 12 servings that is almost 49 carbs per serving. As much as I would LOVE this recipe, I have to say no way. :( I love lemon bars.
  • monih10
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    Sounds quick and yummy!! I will be trying this soon!
  • Sounds delicious. Too bad I'm trying to be good and lower carb. Competition time!
  • juvinurse
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    If you use an Angelfood cake and a can of crushed pineapple, the calories are 148 for 1/12 of the cake. That is a nice size piece of cake with a cup of coffee!
  • goldylocs37
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    Now that's my size dessert! Thanks for posting!
  • mindygeske
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  • Tuffjourney
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    I am so going to make this!
  • GoldDagda
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    I like the Angelfood cake and a can of crushed pineapple, with a cup of coffee! think i will make this right now hehehehehehe
  • Groovyca2022
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    Sounds wonderful
  • Healthydiner65
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    Have to make this!
  • WannaBeFitJean
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    Im making this for sure! Thank you for sharing! =)
  • elizabethrose44
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    One of the recipes that I enjoy making is the diet pop cake recipes. If you can find a low carb cake mix or unsweetened cake mix that is light in colour, add 1 regular can diet orange crush and no other ingredients. Bake in oven. Voila. For dark cakes such as chocolate, add 1 can diet pepsi.
  • Healthydiner65
    Healthydiner65 Posts: 1,579 Member
    Have to make this!
    I made it for Easter and it was a hit! Used cool whip instead of powdered sugar. Everyone, even the little one liked it!
  • JuliePleasant
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  • rosemaryhon
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    mmm, sounds good & easy!

    I saw a similar recipe on my FB yesterday ~ bake a box of angel food cake and can of pineapples.
  • 1tough1
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    I love lemon bars, gotta try these soon. Thanks for the recipe..
  • shrn3kid
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    I have made this before only I used Blackberry pie filling it was Oh So Yummy!
  • Love_Is_My_Fuel
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    I agree totally that I won't eat this.. a waste of carb intake for the day for me...but they sound DELICIOUS :P