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I just started the NROLFW yesterday. I think I'm going to like it. The free-weights area was intimidating and I almost cried from the anxiety when I first got there, but the guys were very nice and even helpful. So that's one hurdle down, conquering fear.

My only issue now is one of the exercises in this phase requires a 'step' to be used with weights. Another requires a "balance ball". I thought maybe I could do these last 2 exercises at home, but I don't have any weights heavier than 5 pounds at home. I am supposed to alternate set of these two exercises.

My gym does not have a 'step' and the bench is too high (I'm very short) for me to do 'step ups' with weights, so I carried the weights I wanted to the circuit training room and used the step there. I don't know if I'm actually allowed to do that and my arms were killing me by the time I got the weights back as I had to walk pretty far with the weights prior to the exercise and back again..

I have a balance ball at home but they are not offered at the gym and I don't think I'm allowed to bring my own (not to mention, what would I do with it when I'm doing other things?). So I was unable to do the "prone jack-knife". I opted instead for "plank twists". Not even sure that works the same muscles.

Does anyone know any substitute exercises for "step-ups" with weights or "prone jack-knifes" with a balance ball?


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    Did you ask the gym management about steps and balls? I would do that first before ruling out that the don't have any. We only have one decent sized step at my gym and it can be hard to find. Also, I would ask them if you can bring your ball in before ruling that out as a possibility.

    ETA: Although I don't think it'd hurt too much to do jackknifes at home, but I was pretty quickly using weights more than 5# for the swiss ball crunches which are also part of stage 1.
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    You're right, I should ask. I'll do that tomorrow.