How scarry is it to be leader? I worry about legal paper work and rules. Meetings seem fine. TOPS is a great organization.


  • Amazon_Who
    Amazon_Who Posts: 1,092 Member
    How long have you been in TOPS? I am not sure how involved it is for leaders. If you win hopefully previous leaders will lend you a hand when you need it. Don't be afraid to ask the co-leader to help.

    I am an assistant weight recorded which is an appointed position. No one else wants to have come in early to do it, so I will probably be reappointed.
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 47 Member
    I was a leader last year (for half a year - then I moved). All the other members helped guide me. I am thinking of running for leader of the new chapter that I joined in October of last year....it is a large chapter (about 60) members. And I don't know everyones name...so I think it will be harder for me this time. I knew everyone in my last chapter. But I am sure, that if I run and win the election, that the old officers will help me out. Do not be afraid...go for it.
  • tops2kopsville
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    not scary. you have a co-leader, secretary, and treasurer and wt recorders to help. and delegate you will do fine.