gaining weight??

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Hi everyone. I just started BR monday and I'm doing kickstart week, why am i gaining weight? I gained 2-3lbs already. I took yesterday as my rest day and I figured some of the water weight would go down, but infact it went up 1lb! I am frustrated cause I have not been able to lose any weight since having my baby. I've actually gained 4-5lbs now!


  • Paris8009
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    I can imagine that your hormones are probably all over the place! That may be part of the reason. Just keep doing what you're doing. If you're working out and eating right, then the weight will come off. Also, try only weighing once a week (always at the same time of day as your last weigh-in) , so that way normal daily fluctuations won't leave you frustrated! Good luck and keep it up!
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    Unless you've eaten 7,000 - 10,500 calories over maintenance for the week, you have not gained any fat. Just stick with it and you will see those pounds plus much more coming off. Also make sure you measure. I recently gained 2-3 pounds, but lost an inch on my waist.
  • I stepped on the scale today..and it said I gained 7lbs...I nearly died...but I can tell that I am toning very well....sooo we will see where it is at next week...
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    My scale got stuck two weeks ago (I'm in my 6th week), but my husband says my butt got higher and smaller. Praying to see some more pounds go away soon.
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    depends on a lot of things, but the most important thing to remember is that unless you've been grossly over eating you havent gained actual weight. its water weight. is this your first fitness routine in a while? have you ever done anything like this before? eating a lot of sodium? drinking enough water? what were your calorie intakes like before JMBR? sometimes a severe cut (like the 1200 JM puts you on for the kickstart) can do more damage than good. all these things play a role in this temporary weight gain.
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    ya not sure what went on during BR but after I stopped doing it the weight started going back down! ( got up to Week8 until I got sick of jillian and i felt like it wasnt doing anything to my body) I eat fairly healthy and eating around 1800-1900 cal a day ( I am nursing my 3month old so I need extra calories)
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    The first time I tried "getting in shape" I was very very thin and gained 14 pounds. Of course that was years ago. I have a good 40#'s to lose and I actually gained a pound over a two week period and stayed there. I am now dropping daily (yes I step on the scale daily and I don't care :) ) I have heard that if has something to do with muscle tissue, chemistry, water, blah blah blah, but that basically it's normal as long as you are eating enough but not too much, drinking water, etc.... Sorry, can you tell I should be sleeping. :D