Starting the Whole 30 in April - any takers?

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Good Morning All
I am going to start a Whole 30 in a couple of weeks - I've set a goal for myself for the month of April and it seems more doable for some reason to align it with a calendar month!
I have struggled for many years with a few different autoimmune disorders- fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and celiacs. I have been the rounds of doctors and tons of testing which resulted in lots of prescription medications that seemed to only make me feel worse! The side effects were honestly harder to deal with than the original disorders.
About six weeks ago I took the plunge and went to a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist - and wow! She did testing and found things the doctors had never mentioned - severe adreanal failure for one thing. She immediately had me cut out dairy, all grains, sugar, and alcohol. She also started me slowly on several different supplements. I feel an amazing difference - better than I have for years. We did metabolic testing and found that I needed to increase my protein and decrease carbs and that is where the difference has come from I believe - this eating feels right for me.
This brings me to now and the Whole 30 challenge. The dietary changes for me were not exceptionally difficult - mostly because I was not eating many grains to start with due to the celiacs and this also limited a lot of processed food - I didn't have to break the habit of fast food because I had already done that. However, sugar has been very difficult. I go for a few days and then I slip up - I know that my body is not going to heal as quickly if I don't completely rid myself of this garbage! I am thinking maybe a whole30 challenge with some pals for support will cut the cravings.
This is where you come in :) - who would like to climb aboard for an April challenge? I'd love to have support and will be a great support back. You have two weeks to get your mind set and clean out the pantry! LOL


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    Hi Terri!
    I'll join you in the challenge. I started Paleo today and my crossfit gym is doing an April eating challenge. So, I have decided to commit for six weeks. I haven't had the health issues you mention in your post, but my weight seems stuck and I think this change might unstick it. Looking forward to finding out. :smile:
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    Hi Guys

    I have been attempting a whole30 since the end of February, with mainly weekends derailing me.

    Anyway, I wrote a letter to myself today, committing to doing the whole30 from today until the 16th of April (at least - will re-assess then).

    I am looking for more energy, to heal some skin irritations I am having, and of course hopefully lose a clothing size :o). I currently follow the New Rules of Lifting for women programme (just about to start stage 3) and I am on day 3 of "Cold Shower Therapy" - which I started mainly to kick myself in th butt and get my eating right.

    Feel free to add me as a friend (just drop me a note as to why), I will try to log all my food from today to keep me on track (have been doing it in fits and starts so far). I have the primal blueprint book (about 3/4 of the way through) and I have "It starts with food" on my kindle (only just started really) so I have just been going off the info from the whole9 site.

    Good luck to you too!
  • terwhitcomb
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    Thanks for your responses! It's nice to know there are others out there attempting this. I am also reading the book It Starts With Food and am loving it! I am going to freind request both of you so that I can look at your food logs. I'll open mine to you as well if you want - when I start this.
    Good luck to the both of you!
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    Hi all,

    I am willing to commit to a whole 30 starting April 1. I have been de-railed this month with random excess drinking and friends visiting from out of town and entertaining. The next 2 weeks Im going to transition back to Paleo and will whole 30 commit with you guys on April 1...sound good?!?!
  • terwhitcomb
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    Yay - welcome aboard! I like the idea that I have a little time to prepare my cupboards as well as my mind!
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    I'm in, but can't start until April 8th. Hope that will work. Thanks for the challenge
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    I plan on starting a Whole30 in April. I am definitely in for this!
  • terwhitcomb
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    So far there are six of us - I think that's a great amount of support and encouragement!
    This week is a good time to be planning menus and clearing out the cupboards! I think for me the key to success is going to be just being prepared. With most eating plans I can do pretty well for breakfast and lunch because I'm at work and I have to eat what I have with me, but right after work and then dinner are dangerous! I have to have my meals planned and then have something easy as a backup incase of a stressful day - I have this amazing knack of being able to justify anything when I'm stressed and tired!
    I'd love to hear what you all are thinking about for different meals!
    Hope you're having a good week so far!
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    What exactly is the Whole30?

    I do one cheat day a week, so I doubt I'm a candidate :)
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    I will also be starting Whole30 in April, I just finished reading the Starts with Food book and i can't wait to start. Friend me if you'd like so we can help each other detox :)
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    I started my whole30 in March and am on day 23 now. I am actually extending my whole 30 until April 17th to support a friend. SO far I love it.
  • I'll join, I've fallen off the wagon while traveling and need to get myself back on track.
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    I am about to finish my Whole30! Good luck folks. One of my favorite sites for recipes:

    Also, if you haven't tried coconut butter, you should. it is delicious.
  • terwhitcomb
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    The "proper" whole 30 basically says if you have a slip start over but we'd love to encourage you on here even with a cheat day!
  • terwhitcomb
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    Hi everyone - just a few days until we begin. Really love the excitement were generating. If there's anyone on here that hasn't sent me a friend request and wants to go for it.
    This is the first time I've ever started a challenge or group. Is there something I should do officially and if it involves starting another group how do I transfer you all there? Or is it necessary? My idea was just to encourage each other, share successes, and recipes, menus etc.
    I do want to encourage you to search a bit if you're not familiar. I just finished the It Starts With Food book - cant say enough about all the great information it holds!
    Anyone nervous, excited, scared. I can't wait honestly!
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    I'm in!!! Just what I need!!! Can't wait!!!!
  • losingmybehind
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    Would love to join you all! I love the paleo lifestyle and eating plan, and it would be great to have buddies to work it out with! Can you explain a bit more about what Whole 30 is? How does it differ from paleo? Thanks!!!
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    Thanks for the chowstalker link... I hadn't come across this site and it looks like there will be some of their recipes in my future!
  • losingmybehind
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    Haha, as it turns out, I have It Starts With Food sitting right here! I'm in!
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    I'm in! I did a Whole 30 in January- lost 15 lbs and felt great! In February and March I have fallen off the wagon- eaten fast food, lived for sugar and gained 1 lb. I'm in for April- no excuses!