So...How is everyone?

gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
Still alive and kicking I hope? Just curious as to how many people are still doing the shred.

How are you liking it? What results have you seen?

I had moved on to the Ripped in 30, and am finishing it this weekend. I will be starting 30 DS again on Monday. Out of the two, I like the shred better. But level 4 on Ripped seems easier, but it gives a better burn.


  • insane5150
    insane5150 Posts: 93 Member
    I completed my 30 days earlier in the week. This weekend I will take measurements to check results.

    I did enjoy it, though at times dreaded doing it due to the "same ol same ol routine". I will certainly take what I learned from 30DS and incorporate into my workouts. Not sure what's next for me.
  • Tootce01
    Tootce01 Posts: 184
    I am doing great! Still doing the 30 Day Shred, I finished the first 30 days on March 7th, lost 9" between my waist, belly and hips. I went on a short vacation and started over again when I got back on 3/13 but this time I decided to try to mix it up - I am alternating levels daily, I am currently on day 13. Haven't seen much results this way, don't understand because I am exercising daily but I keep pushing on! I may be in a plateau, who knows? After I finish 30 days, I am going to move forward to Ripped in 30.

    Hope all is good in everyone else's world!!