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small victories count for a lot

mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
i just got back from vacation and ate crap food. I said it... Ok. Moving on. Yesterday I wanted a brownie really bad. I ate a salad instead. It is a small victory for me that means so much! I think we get so down on ourselves sometimes for making unhealthy choices. It is so important to be able to forgive ourselves and be able to just move on. It is hard to make good choices when recovering from vacation meals or just a cheat meal we have chosen to eat. Does anyone else have any small victories to celebrate that mean a lot to you because they took a lot of willpower?


  • MikeFlyMike
    MikeFlyMike Posts: 639 Member
    We vacation a lot. I allow some "cheats" when vacationing. What I ALWAYS notice, is that if I cheat with some sugars - an addiction comes back immediately. I catch myself cheating when it isn't even worth it.

    I usually have to tell myself, "OK, we are going whole9 right now". It takes me several days. Then, I feel awesome again. It is so predictable.