Roll Call



  • alaskabrat
    alaskabrat Posts: 40 Member
    Aprile soldier reporting for duty! :)
  • emilyc85
    emilyc85 Posts: 450 Member
    Leotardo here!!
  • info_nrs
    info_nrs Posts: 102 Member
    Moltisanti crew. Checking in!

    Hey, you're my Capo, right??? Hoping not to let you down :embarassed:
  • Baccala Crew, so excited!!
  • jenn2403
    jenn2403 Posts: 136 Member
    Paulie Walnuts
  • MadameMiranda
    MadameMiranda Posts: 39 Member
    Dante crew ! :smokin: add me as it friend if you'd like fellow Dante crew members
  • danarochelle
    danarochelle Posts: 212 Member
    Moltisanti crew! Bring it!
  • adianeschu
    adianeschu Posts: 491 Member
    Moltisanti crew here! Let's get this party going!
  • taylor0204
    taylor0204 Posts: 357 Member
    Sacrimoni - the number "one" crew. Ready to rock n roll.
  • Sunsama
    Sunsama Posts: 100 Member
    Team Leotardo here!!
  • jenniferitzep
    jenniferitzep Posts: 66 Member
    Crew baccala
  • Tymeshia
    Tymeshia Posts: 194 Member
    I'm here and ready for challenges!
  • mudflatmabel
    mudflatmabel Posts: 138 Member
    Mudflatmabel reporting for duty on Dante crew!
  • Im here ready to go!
  • Team Dante?
  • admmommy
    admmommy Posts: 143 Member
    paulie walnuts (pretty sure) lol
    not sure what is going on...i got an invite...i accepted. now what??

    Yes you are on my crew. You should check out the challenge rules post. It explains everything. Basically, you kick butt during the week and report to me weight lost and daily challenges that are finished or not. Based on the number of people within the team that finish challenges and lose weight earn points. Most importantly nobody gets 'whacked' for lack of participation!
  • shelli1982
    shelli1982 Posts: 133
    Shelli1982 reporting for duty on Dante crew after a very long day!
  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    Im here and I have checked in with the crew. Just awaiting instructions
  • theparnellssean
    theparnellssean Posts: 637 Member
    Andersonjo0306 checked in under introducing Blundetto post.
  • MissJen84
    MissJen84 Posts: 109 Member
    Blundetto Crew here! Sorry for the late check in :)