Starting Measurements and Goals!



  • CW: 152
    GW: 140
    GW for 12 wks: 140
    chect/waist/hips: 39/34/40
    Height: 5' 7 3/4''
    My goal is to feel healthier and lose some tummy, waist, and thigh fat :)
  • ccolorado
    ccolorado Posts: 8 Member
    CW 140
    Goal Weight: 125

    chest/waist/hips: 48/36/41

    I have 3 young kids (youngest is one and a half) and am a lot more jiggly than I'd like to be! We have a big trip planned to France this summer and I want to be confident going to beaches!

    Cardio is running and I'm also doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.

    Thanks for starting the group!
  • thepinkpacker
    thepinkpacker Posts: 32 Member

    CW: 156....gained 8 lbs since February 4th
    GW: 130 lbs
    GW for challenge: 139 lbs


    Chest/waist/hips: 43/34/38

    Just got so derailed for the passed two months, but I am focused again. Started Jamie Eason's LiveFit, plus I run, and spring has sprung finally in northern Ontario! YAY!!! I am also hoping to try the Insanity workouts which I purchased a few months back, just for variety!

  • AngelChini
    AngelChini Posts: 111 Member
    Current Weight: 138
    Ideal Goal Weight: 125
    Chest/Waist/Hips: 33/31..5/34.7
    Hi! I am Angelaca! I love motivating people and I am really excited for the summer, but am really scared if I won't be able to be physically ready for it): I have been using Jillian Michael's DVDs and they are amazing. I have a sort of toned body, but I am hoping for a nice bikini body by summer!^^
  • PlantBasedGrace
    PlantBasedGrace Posts: 64 Member
    These are from a few days ago but I doubt I've changed much haha

    CW: 134
    ID: 120
    Chest/Waist/Hips: 35/28/38
    Height: 5'7"

    I'm really wanting to get super toned for this summer and lose fat from my butt and thighs, which have always been my biggest problem!
  • Ressie1
    Ressie1 Posts: 52 Member
    Current Weight 241
    Challenge Goal Weight 217 (24lbs I'm hoping to lose 2lbs a week)
    Overall Goal 180
    Waist 40.0
    Hips 41.0
    Bust 44.0
    Above Waist 42.0
    Upper Arms 17.0
    Upper Legs 26.0
  • CW: 126lbs
    IGW: 111lbs
    Hoping to reach my IGW before the 3rd of June!
    Chest/Waist/Hips: 35/29/37
    Height: 5ft2

    In 12 weeks I'm hoping to be slimmer, more toned and fit enough to run with my dogs!
  • Cw - 134
    IGW- 126
    GW - 129
  • StephanieCo3
    StephanieCo3 Posts: 122 Member
    I spent the majority of my life in pretty good fitness. I come from a highly active, health conscience family. But during my previous marriage and with pregnancy, I went up from 125 to 230. I'm currently down to 152 but I've got a lot of work still. I'm going to the UK (to visit my boyfriend and his friends and family) in a little over 10 weeks so I'm looking forward to losing as much as I can before I go.

    CW: 152
    GW: 138 (for the 12 week challenge)
    UGW: 115 (my bf is moving here from the UK at the end of the year and I'd like to be at my ideal weight by then)

    Chest: 38
    Belly: 34
    Waist: 31.5
    Hips: 41.5
    Thigh: 24
    Calf: 14.5
  • ninas12345
    ninas12345 Posts: 7 Member
    CW 153
    GW 140

    Chest waist hips 36/35/40

    Thank you for starting this group. It's a big step for me to post. I need a serious kick in the pants to get back into the swing of things.
    I work out at the gym but have slacked.

    My goals for this week ...
    listen more to my trainer.. However if he continues to take it easy on me, then I will be forced to lay down the law and tell him the truth. Easy won't make my goals for summer!

    Drink More water - water is so important to being healthy

    Eat better - I know how to do this. Quit letting others have the mental power! Take it back! Say NO to the emotional eating food. - this one isn't easy.. And will be my goal every day until I have the power back in my hands!!

    Good Luck Everyone!
    We CAN Do This!!!
  • ccolorado
    ccolorado Posts: 8 Member
    oops! My measurements (starting) should be 36/34/41. I knew that 48 number looked wrong...!
  • Icyy037
    Icyy037 Posts: 13
    CW: 160.5
    Current Measurements: Chest Waist Hips = 37-32-41 , Chest Waist Lower Belly Hips = 37-32-36-41
    CGW: 139.5
  • lizz2013
    lizz2013 Posts: 331 Member
    Welcome everyone! Its so great to have a group working together! Anyone who is a little apprehensive about stating their weight etc...don't! Simply outline what you want to lose and what you hopes and dreams are for 12 weeks time!

    No-one here will judge you (and if they do they'll get kicked out of the group :P) we're all in this together!!
  • afatwomanonamission
    afatwomanonamission Posts: 39 Member
    Hi Everyone!!!

    I definitely need this kick - I have so many plans for summer, all of which will be made better by feeling more sexy in my own skin!

    SW: 213
    IDG: 140
    Short-term Goal: 190 by end of challenge

    Measurements: 43/49 (waist/hips), 27 (thigh)

    I am planning on integrating running, training, and Zumba classes to hopefully get me to goal. As much as I wish my focus was only toning, because of where I carry my weight I need to lose quite a few pounds before toning will be noticible! :(
  • newstart257
    newstart257 Posts: 5 Member
    Current weight: 72kg
    Ideal Goal Weight 60kg
    Ideal measurements: Fitting into my beautiful size 8 dress!
  • zentha1384
    zentha1384 Posts: 323 Member
    Highest weight: 275lbs
    3-30-13 weight: 180.6 lbs
    12 week goal: 168 (Healthy BMI :happy: )
    Height: 5'3"

    It may be easier to keep track of measurements in a spreadsheet like google doc or edit grid. If you like this idea and want help I can help set it up.

    Measurements (actually taken on friday)
    Neck: 13.25
    Left Arm:13.5
    Right arm:13.5
    Chest: 40
    Waist: 33.5
    Hips: 45
    Left thigh: 24.5
    Right Thigh: 24.5

    Body Fat %: 37.5%

    Also I agree with keeping the group a little on the smaller size. The bigger they get the more drama seems to take over and it becomes a chore instead of a fun motivational tool.

    Edited to include Height
  • nana6799
    nana6799 Posts: 262
    Hi everyone!

    This sounds like a good group! Thanks for starting it!

    I don't have much more to lose now but would like to lose a little more and have my BF% decrease. I have found, for me anyway, I do better if I belong to a group like this.

    I am probably the oldest member here (will be 67 next month) so I am finding that I do lose at a slower rate and possibly because I am almost at my goal weight too.

    I am just 5'2", so just a few pounds makes a difference! I will weigh and measure in the morning and do a before picture.

    Good luck to everyone!

    I forgot to add my activity ; Mon-Wed-Fri is strenght training with weights; Sun-Tues-Thurs is 10K training; Jillian Michaels DVD Killer Abs or 6 Week 6 Pak Abs (1/2 hour sessions) - 4 to 5 days a week.

    SW 126.8
    GW 120
    Bust 36
    Waist 27
    Hips 36.5
    I also took pictures. The last time was mid-Feb and there really was not much change and my weight is up maybe a half of pound. I am glad we have the challenge of burning so many calories each week, that will help me to be consistent. I hope you will keep that one for every week.
  • SW: 245
    GW: 197
    12 Week GW: 225


    I just recently lost 52 lbs and now seem to be stuck. Need some additional motivation.
  • marilynolivares1
    marilynolivares1 Posts: 61 Member
    current weight 174 height 5 '1 i would like to loose 20 pounds in 12 weeks. My long term goal is to weight 110 or 120lbs
  • angless21
    angless21 Posts: 54 Member
    Starting weigh 225 pounds
    hoping to be 200 pound in 12 weeks

    My waist is 49 1/2 inches