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mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
Where do you buy your dried dates? I have a heck of a time finding whole ones. I want to try some bacon wrapped dates. They sound yummy:)


  • Howbouto
    Howbouto Posts: 2,121 Member
    I bought mine a Sam's club.
  • mandabrett
    mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
    Awesome! Thanks. They don't have any in our local stores but we have a sams about 20 min away that we go to often. Ill go pick some up on friday when I don't have to work!
  • Maasmondy
    Maasmondy Posts: 54 Member
    I get mine at Costco or Target.

    I have a date problem! Seriously, it's sooo hard for me to eat just one...or two...or three...
  • Christie0428
    Christie0428 Posts: 221 Member
    how do you do the bacon wrapped dates? do you use raw bacon? how do yoiu cook them?
  • sjglancy
    sjglancy Posts: 13
    Options has some, i believe
  • SarahRea32
    SarahRea32 Posts: 167 Member
    never had a problem getting dates, is there some special variety that is paleo? Dried dates are always available with the other dried fruit at all our local supermarkets.

    I have a serious date problem also!
  • mandabrett
    mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
    There are a ton of recipes in Pinterest for bacon wrapped dates. Our stores only have chopped dates that are covered in sugar. Weird? I bought them for a recipe once. I didn't know they weren't the right kind. I will
    Let you guys know how they turn out when I make them. I have yet to decide which recipe to use. Some have cheese and nuts added in. It would be good if you do cheese. Dairy doesn't agree with me in any form except for cheese in very small amounts. Cheese is probably out for me.
  • monkeydharma
    monkeydharma Posts: 599 Member
    is there some special variety that is paleo?

    Not really. Although dates ARE a fruit, they are very high in sugars - especially when they are dried. Personally, I stick with low-sugar fruits like berries, and avoid sugar bombs.
  • jennaworksout
    jennaworksout Posts: 1,739 Member
    I made my own bacon wrapped dates with a pecan stuffed inside, they were to die for!!! I love dates, wish they weren;t so high in carbs!!