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No scale!

mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
I am ready to throw my scale out the window. I drive myself crazy with it. I am seriously going to put it in the attic for an indefinate amount of time. I can't easily get into the attic. My husband would probably have to do it. That would get it out of the way for a while for sure.


  • SarahRea32
    SarahRea32 Posts: 167 Member
    I have a love/hate relationship with mine too. I have not been able to stop myself from weighing daily for a long time, but it's a source of immense frustration. My weight can go up 3 kg (that's more than 6 pounds) from one day to the next - for no apparent reason, whatsoever!! Because of this, I keep weighing everyday because I don't want my 'once a week' weigh to be on one of these ridiculous up days. But, whenever I have them they inspire a binge..

    I realised that my weight this year has usually been around 1.2kg lower than it was since November, but it doesn't really want to budge any further down. I think my system needs a shock!!
  • mandabrett
    mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
    My husband refuses to hide it. He told me to just throw it away. That's the plan now. If I want to weigh I can weigh at the gym. I want to get back to health and not weight loss. I can't do that with numbers staring me in the face every morning.