Week Two Challenge



  • meaghan2008
    meaghan2008 Posts: 401 Member
    I'm down ! :)
  • berrygirl2013
    berrygirl2013 Posts: 264 Member
    One of the few times that I'm glad that I hate chocolate. As for sweets, I gave them up when I joined MFP (20 days ago). The real challenge will be giving up my beloved daily glass of OJ :sad: . Challenge accepted. :glasses:
  • Alana150
    Alana150 Posts: 47 Member
    ugh! had stawberry yogurt and 1 packet of sweet n low this morning! :sad:

    I totally forgot about the no sugar challenge....okay let's manage the rest of this day and week! Absolutely no sugar...only fruit, only fruit...we can do this!
  • mrscruz625
    mrscruz625 Posts: 59 Member
    I got this! WOOT I have been sugar free (refined sugars I still eat fruit) since 1/16/2013 the day I was told I was pre-diabetic!!!
  • Honeytips
    Honeytips Posts: 337 Member
    Did well yesterday but this morning I slipped up and had a small skim chai latte - i didn't add any sugar to it but I'm sure that it's already has loads. Ah well, being extra careful for the rest of today and this week
  • sarahbw22
    sarahbw22 Posts: 130 Member
    So far so good! Hubby is away for a few days, and he's the one who brings the sweets into the house. So this is actually the perfect week for me to do this. :)

    Good luck everyone!!
  • bethieb
    bethieb Posts: 24 Member
    Hi guys!!! I've done real good with this challenge this week. Havent had any sweets or choc of any kind from Sunday xx
  • nicarey19
    nicarey19 Posts: 126 Member
    This week's challenge is easy, since I gave up all sweets for April! I do a monthly challenge for myself and April was no sweets. Hope everyone else is doing well:-)
  • joy5877
    joy5877 Posts: 184 Member
    I forgot and ate 1/2 cup of fronzen yogurt in my smoothie last night! I will shoot for finishing the week out well!!!!
  • hifromjamers1984
    hifromjamers1984 Posts: 300 Member
    I got 3 days into this challenge and then all hell broke loose. So my record for this challenge is 3 days.
  • bwnorton
    bwnorton Posts: 100 Member
    I'm taking this challenge! This week, no added sugars or concentrated juices. I just went to the store to buy fresh fruits and veggies. I will miss the Jelly Bellies!!!! :noway: I guess it's better this way.
  • mommy2ajs
    mommy2ajs Posts: 1,319 Member
    I only managed 3 days before I at soem chocolate and then remembered the challenge. I think I will try this again this week by not eating any chocolate, bake goods that I make with sugar in them or store bought juice.