The Don is going to experiment with the introduction of video to this family. There will be challenges down the road which may require video instruction for proper form and technique. My Alter Ego theparnellssean has been training martial arts for 15 years and a very capable 3rd degree black belt. Instructional videos will be introduced by him. There will be a youtube link posted for these videos. How does everyone feel about this?


  • Super_Mama
    Super_Mama Posts: 99 Member
    Love it! MUCH better than guessing what the proper position is for some of us newbies :) thanks!
  • farmwife3815
    farmwife3815 Posts: 326 Member
    Sounds like a great idea! You are awesome! Just so ya know!! LOL thanks for taking all of this on!!
  • ImprovingEla
    ImprovingEla Posts: 396 Member
    sounds great, to be honest I look up tons of stuff up on youtube, when I do not know what is meant?
    (lunges, diamond push ups etc.)
    So I like the idea very much!
  • lizai1
    lizai1 Posts: 32 Member
    Great idea....
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member
    I think you are brilliant!!! There is no need for injuries and videos would defintely show everyone from beginner to experienced form & even maybe some alternate exercises !!! Great idea
  • sarahp4769
    sarahp4769 Posts: 69 Member
    Fab! Good idea!
  • emilyc85
    emilyc85 Posts: 450 Member
    That would be wonderful!
  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    i will have a problem viewing them before the gym. Perhaps a description with the video? Or if it can be posted the night before I can view from home?
  • theparnellslisa
    theparnellslisa Posts: 390 Member
    I love the idea, we can broaden the challenges so much more using videos!! We can post the night before with the posting of the challenge.
  • info_nrs
    info_nrs Posts: 102 Member
    This button is a 1st degree black belt. . . bring it!
  • joys19
    joys19 Posts: 56 Member
    Cool! bring it.
  • MKCD123
    MKCD123 Posts: 86 Member
    LOVE! Can't wait!
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    That is so cool Don, back in the day I practiced tang soo do and was up to a green belt. It was so much fun!
  • flyinghawk2012
    flyinghawk2012 Posts: 40 Member
    Sounds like fun!!!!
  • pab88
    pab88 Posts: 499 Member
    Great idea
  • jenniferitzep
    jenniferitzep Posts: 66 Member
    How about the people using the phone app ?
  • MurallyAnn
    MurallyAnn Posts: 173 Member
    Great idea, I am on You tube all the time doing different exercises!!
  • Salty510
    Salty510 Posts: 121 Member
    Love this idea!