April 14th Challenge



  • theparnellssean
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    The reason I am in this challenge. The easy short answer is to lose weight, tone up, get healthier. But that is a small part of it for me.
    My answer will differ from most as I developed this challenge with my dear wife, Lisa. I found MFP to be a motivational site and I need to track to keep me honest. We joined our 1st challenge group, " drop it like its hot". We loved the support and found friends from around the world that are inspirational. In the middle of hat challenge, our moderator, for whatever reason decided to quit and deactivated her account. Never have done anything like this, I volunteered to take over that group as moderator. People were very receptive to my "takeover" but the challenge had somewhat fizzled.

    Lisa & I had brainstormed for ideas on a new group challenge that we thought people would find fun, motivational, and a challenge for all different fitness levels and abilities. Exercise and weight loss are the 2 parts of this challenge. We interact with so many personalities and situations, that although can be a handful at times, is very satisfying to us. We have enjoyed working out with you!! I thank all of you and am honored you putting in your hard efforts with me!
  • theparnellslisa
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    When I joined MFP in January I joined a weight loss group that had weekly challenges, biweekly weigh ins and monthly pictures. The challenges were not motivating enough to keep people interested and they stayed in the group but sort of did their own thing. So one Sunday morning I watch in disbelief as the moderator began deleting people from the challenge because they didn't respond to a post. She deleted about 160 people in all. She would sometimes forget to post a weigh in or a challenge for the upcoming week and someone would have to step in and do it for her. The last time she forgot to post and an individual stepped up and posted, she thanked the person and then later that day dropped out of the challenge and deactivated her MFP account leaving the group without a moderator. I also joined another challenge where only 3 other people joined, and the moderator went MIA. So you can more than likely see why we really needed a challenge group that would be fun but very active. Placing people on teams with a captain does make an individual more accountable and certainly a great motivational tool. I know that for some people they felt they didn't have the time to commit to this but maybe at some point in time they will feel differently. The major reason we are overweight is because we put others and things ahead of ourselves. I feel until we reach a point where we truly feel we are worth the time, then we will remain as we are, overweight. I want each and every person in this challenge to believe they are worth the time. I want each of you to be successful and lose weight with the support and help of our inspirational group! That is why I am doing this!!
  • matawna
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    I joined the challenge to get some additional motovation, to add some variety to my work outs and maybe learn some new things.
  • matawna
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    Oh and 50 crunches done!
  • Tigger31179
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    Threw in those crunches for the extra $. :)
  • I joined this challenge because I thought it would be a good way to stay accountable to my nutrition and workouts
  • mdcjmom
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    I am in this challenge cause sean loves my organization skills! But seriously I am here because Seans challenge is holding me accountable for my weight in a way that my challenge does not.
  • To be honest, I was invited and simply thought, "why not?"
  • anagraphy
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    Little late, as I've been away for the weekend with very little internet access :)

    I joined this challenge simply because I love a challenge! I love being in contact with other motivated people, and I love having something new to do every day, or to count the things I already do as small victories. I love to cheer on other people with similar goals, too :)

    I've been in contact with some pretty inspiring people through MFP and I thought... what better way to meet more?

    Off to do my fifty crunches right now, then to hit the hay!

    Go Team Sacrimoni!! <3
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    Actually one of my MFP friends told me about it & since the challenge I was in at my work had just ended I thought it would be a good way to motivate me to keep working hard towards my goal.
    Sorry I did a huge workout today (1 mile in elliptical, 2.5 miles on treadmill, 3 miles on bike & swam laps for 20 minutes) so I didn't do the crunches.
  • Sunsama
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    I joined this challenge because I need the accountability. I had been in a MFP Biggest Loser challenge previously and did well, but that ended and I lost my motivation. A friend of mine posted this challenge and now here I am! =)
  • emilyc85
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    I am here looking for ideas for small things to add to my day. I have been apart of a couple daily challenge groups, but this one is based on group effort and I like the accountability :) I thought that this would be the perfect fit :)
  • I joined this challenge to meet people who struggle as I do. I love the motivation and the fact that I am going bonds with people. I need to be healthy and change my lifestyle.
  • adianeschu
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    I joined this challenge for the constant motivation and support from everyone on here.
  • Meemilla
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    Team sacrimoni.

    Sorry so late but my phone died and I was at hot yoga

    I started this challenge because I LOVE a challenge!! And my mfp friend and captain sent it to me! I have even joined the squat challenge too. I really enjoy the team and how we motivate each other to get our challenges accomplished! My husband says if I could I would join every challenge and workout 24 hours a day. Lol

    It's addictive to me!!! Love it!!!

    I also completed the crunches! BAM!
    Cindy - Meemilla :)
  • _Pseudonymous_
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    The reason I.am here is A.) A really awesome person invited me, B.) I thought it would be fun C.) I want to try things other than walking in order to get fit. :)
  • jenniferitzep
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    Crunches done forgot to post them on first post
  • MadameMiranda
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    Joined the challenge to stay motivated and to see something tho for the first time in my life. To have goals and to achieve and be a part of something. Also to fill my life with positive life enriching things, I'm coming from a self inflected life long bad place and I'm ready to be happy and have more in life.
  • sarahp4769
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    I originally joined the 'drop it like its hot' challenge with Sean and Lisa but the challenge folded. When they invited me to this i was worried that I would not be able to do as well fir a team as I would want but I am glad I joined as it has challenged me, made ne active every day and to be honest kept me going on this site during a difficult time when I probably would have given up...so thank you!!
  • monica2410
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    I joined this challenge so I would have something to hold me accountable.