Weigh in April 15th

Weigh in today. Good luck everyone!! Earning 1 large per pound lost per person. Weight gain just stays at zero for that person. Team with highest weight loss gets 5 large bonus.

The Don


  • kendallsauntie
    kendallsauntie Posts: 101 Member
    I'm up from last weeks weigh in (184.5) but I'm down from what I was Friday, which was 190, to 187 from this week.

    Last week: 184.5
    This week: 187
  • theparnellssean
    theparnellssean Posts: 637 Member
    236 down 3 pounds from last week and down 7 from April 1st:glasses:
  • flyinghawk2012
    flyinghawk2012 Posts: 40 Member
    Down 4# from April 1st,
    Down 2# from April 8th.
  • karendee4
    karendee4 Posts: 558 Member
    April 8, 2013 209.6
    April 15, 2013 209.5 loss 0.10
  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    April 15th- Down a pound
  • EvaKr
    EvaKr Posts: 79 Member
    I gained 2 pounds
  • Kris1997
    Kris1997 Posts: 241

    3 pound loss..... Last week 190.4, this week 187.4!
  • mbfarmgurl
    mbfarmgurl Posts: 41 Member
    My weight is the same...(darn water retention!) BUT I did lose inches where I needed to (waist) and I am gaining a bit of muscle in the legs and arms!!! no more jelly arms!!!WOOT!!
  • Mindochka
    Mindochka Posts: 61 Member
    Down 2.5 for Team Dante!
  • pab88
    pab88 Posts: 499 Member
    Down 2.1 for Team Baccala
  • mrscruz625
    mrscruz625 Posts: 59 Member
    Down 3.6 pounds since last monday

    Team Aprile
  • sassynkp
    sassynkp Posts: 148 Member
    Down 2.3 lbs for the week! Have a great Monday!
  • ukaggirl
    ukaggirl Posts: 70 Member
    No change this week. Sorry team Aprile...at least we have mrscruz625 who is killing it!!!
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    -3lbs from last week
    go team baccala
  • adianeschu
    adianeschu Posts: 491 Member
    stayed the same. 198lbs.
  • dessyjo
    dessyjo Posts: 176 Member
    I gained 1lb this week. Sorry team Dante.

    Last week- 217
    This week- 218
  • Tymeshia
    Tymeshia Posts: 194 Member
    April 1 -179.2
    April 8 -177.8
    April 15-177.7

    Weekly loss- .1

    Total loss-1.5
  • graced111
    graced111 Posts: 69 Member
    No weight loss. It really pi--es me off. Sorry team. :(
  • farmwife3815
    farmwife3815 Posts: 326 Member
    No weight loss. It really pi--es me off. Sorry team. :(

    But you didn't gain. Remember, weight loss isn't liner. Sometimes the body just says no! You're doing great!
  • Down 1lb from last week down 4 1/2 from the beginning of the month. Not much, but I will take what I can get.