ARD, SRD or IRD Traders

Hello all....those that have been or are going to these events....I have a question. At many of the functions, members make items that they pass out called "Traders"....those of you that do....where do you get your ideas from and where do you buy your supplies which make them reasonably priced. Since I would have to make so many...I wonder what would be a good item that would not cost a fortune.

Thanks for any of your suggestions.



  • Amazon_Who
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    I always like bookmarks.
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 47 Member
    Good idea...I thought of those. I am planning ahead for IRD 2014. My sisters and I are planning on attending and we want to make 'traders"....
  • NikkiHann17
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    I always like bookmarks.

    I love bookmarks because I love to read. Maybe put some inspirational quotes on them. My favorite is from the bible Luke 12:22; 29
  • nanhuff
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    I haven't heard of traders. Are they like calling cards? Do they have your name and contact info on them?
  • Amazon_Who
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    Usually they just have your chapter information on them.