April 23 challenge



  • anagraphy
    anagraphy Posts: 16 Member
    Convinced a friend to come check out my gym... It's pretty different, and I thought she'd like the vibe. We did a light upper body workout and then went for a walk... I'm still hobbling around due to the calf raises Sunday. Note: as it turns out, you can *definitely* overdose on bengay.
  • Super_Mama
    Super_Mama Posts: 99 Member
    I enjoyed some quality time doing yoga with my two youngest daughters (5&7) it was fun and MORE THAN entertaining! Thanks!
  • mbfarmgurl
    mbfarmgurl Posts: 41 Member
    I was in town today for the day and I walked everywhere! So I also took this opportunity to walk with a friend (at a very very brisk pace -- or so says my endomondo app! lol) and I did the bonus 50 crunches with my hubby in the morning before I left with hubby! He did them along side me!
  • Taraanne76
    Taraanne76 Posts: 111 Member
    A friend and I did spin class together then we did leg day (squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press) She kicks my boot-ay!
  • I went on a 3 mile walk with my walking group. I have not walked with them in the last few weeks. I plan to resume our bi-weekly walks
  • ukaggirl
    ukaggirl Posts: 70 Member
    Team Aprile - A friend and I began our lifting journey using the Body For Life program. We did upper body and I am feeling it this morning! :) We will be lifting together three days a week.
  • Crystalagain22
    Crystalagain22 Posts: 63 Member
    Sorry i'm just getting this on here now, busy day yesterday and I forgot! Anywhooo...Team Sacrimoni - My son and I walked 2 miles :D