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Does anyone use a coach and if so, what do you think of them? I am trying to get restarted and i am wondering if a coach would help with the motivation?



  • MCLA4mom
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    I have a coach and I am a coach and I think they are wonderful LOL! I lost 75lbs with a coach and have maintained it for over a year! The support is amazing. I speak to my clients once a week. I am available to them when ever they need me but they have an appointment once a week for their official weigh in. I am there to guide them through the program. I am there for accountability and they weigh in with me. I have done the program and I know the ins the outs and the pit falls. Its also nice to have someone who is personally invested in your success. We also do not abandon anyone when they get to their goal weight. The coaching is free for life. I have clients on maintenance that still want to weigh in with me. My clients also have access to a nutritionist on call, they can call in on a weekly doctors call for medically based questions. and there is a "Habits Of Health" conference call for support. I also put my clients in a private facebook group and its a great source for support, advice, tips and recipes. All of the supports are free for life. It doesn't cost you any thing. In fact there are discounts and free food. So, that's what I thin of the coaching.
    Let me know if you have any more questions about it. Of you want to see my client before and after pic album you can friend me on Facebook
    Take care,
  • PippaJo_
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    I'm not using a coach, but then, I'm very much a do-it-yourselfer, LOL!

    However, if you're the type who thrives on personalized support, and if that helps keep you accountable (it doesn't, for me), then I'd say it's probably a great idea.
  • VTLois
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    Just sent you a friend request, Jennifer. Thanks.
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    I just sent you a friend request too. I'm waiting for my Medifast package to arrive. I can't wait to get started.
  • dugrn
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    As with everything, there are good coaches and there are terrible coaches. I have seen a couple of good ones who post on the MF boards and then there are couple who have no business doing it as clearly they are in it for the money. My best example is a "coach" who recently started a thread on the other boards about how to get over the hump and lose her last 10lbs. Well as it turns out her food log included a box of pop tarts. yes...POP "F'n" TARTS!!!!
    I'm a do it your-selfer and enjoy the research and what not that comes with learning this program. When i finally lose my weight and reach goal I might consider becoming a coach. Good luck in your search. Don't settle for a coach because you feel like you should. If your not getting out of them what you think you should DROP them and move on. Its your health and you paid for this program.
  • MCLA4mom
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    I couldn't agree more! I have heard some horror stories. It needs to be a good fit. Wow! Pop tarts. It's really hard to help other people move forward when you are moving backward.
  • Monisfit4life
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    I love my coach she is awesome!!!
  • missouri_rain
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    Jennifer is a wonderful coach!
    I know this because she's my coach.
    She even signed me up to become a coach when I didn't think I could do it.