Dietary question

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In my latest lab tests, my doctor found abnormal number of oxalate crystals. That combined with a strong family history of kidney stones has him recommending a low oxalate diet; my father was given a similar recommendation to deal with his kidney stones, as it happens.

I'm kind of left with annoying situation. I would like to continue my lifting, and once I'm down to my goal weight I would even like to bulk some. However, the increased protein intake may likely cause me kidney stones. I would go to my doctor with this question, but he's flatly against any sort of bulking. He'a also against me doing any sort of compound lifts, but that's another story.

I haven't yet had a kidney stone, so this is mostly just preventative. Perhaps I'm not looking for medical advice (as that would be silly), but more for a "what would you do in my situation?"

Continue with an increased protein macro and just attempt to lower oxalates in other foods as much as possible in the hopes of preventing a stone or just see what happens with a lower protein intake (approx 80-90g per day)?


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