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Hi all!!

IT IS FINALLY MAY!!! Woohoo!:) It is going to be an AWESOME month! So many wonderful people have joined the May Challenge group--can't wait to support each other this month!

Feel free to post your goals for the first week here or ask for advice or support or workout suggestions.

Each week we will post our results EVERY TUESDAY in the respective discussion, and then begin the next week the next day, WEDNESDAY (so every week except the last week of May will be 7 days)


Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!!!!

Also, please read FAQs to make sure you know which calories count and which ones don't!



  • ashleyeliz25
    ashleyeliz25 Posts: 141 Member
    My goal for the first week (May 1-May 7) is only 2,000 calories since I have final exams, college graduation, my family visiting, my little brother's birthday, and an out-of-state trip this week. With how busy I will be, I may not make that goal but I am determined to burn AT LEAST 1,000 calories.

    Also, I burned over 4,000 calories last week so I want to go easy this week to avoid injury.

  • lorihov
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    To make my goal of 10,000 I need to do 2262 a week. So that is this weeks goal for me.
  • Delll2013
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    May is here! Let's rock it!

    My aim for the first week is 2500. It's pretty brave because I'll have a busy schedule, just like you, Ashley. Between a Friday brunch and a Friday wedding, followed by a one day trip on Saturday, I hope I can still make it.

    Lori, best of luck!
  • kyleyjo1
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    My goal is 1200 calories. It seems realistic, and I'm not here to win but for motivation. With finals, getting to the gym will either be a stress reliever and I will go over this goal but I may also not be able to find the time. For anyone else with my problem, I find reviewing notes is really easy on the stationary bike! :)
  • My goal for the first 7 days is 6,300... I have my niece's confirmation on Sunday, but if I have to, I will do a major evening workout!! =) I burned a little over 6000 last week (in a challenge I made for myself!!) So, I know I can do it!! :bigsmile:
  • wtw0n
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    My goal for the first week is 6000. Shouldn't be that hard to hit it as I'm still doing Insanity.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Vercidlo
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    I can´t believe it´s already May. So my goal for the first week is 4800. Let´s see how this goes. :) Good luck everyone!
  • superpoo
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    May is finally here.

    My first week goal is to get to the gym at least on 4 days and to do cardio for 30 mins at least. I have a weird knee pain whenever I'm biking outside and I want to avoid injury at any cost.
    I'm hoping I'll get to at least 2000 cals before Tuesday.

    Good luck everyone!
  • TriShamelessly
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    Still laid up with a back issue, so 2000 may be a stretch. Though if it clears up by the weekend, over 3,000 will be easy. So, 3,000 it is!
  • Tme2change
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    My goal for this week is 1470 calories burned..this evening is my daughters birthday party its a bowling a party..I also signed up for another challenge via Gracious Pantry (http://www.thegraciouspantry.com/summer-fit-challenge/) which should keep me going as well. I set my goal low for this month at 6500 calories in hopes that I can beat it since I'm new to the fitness thing, however I don't want to become overwhelmed I am a very busy Mom.
  • mammakisses
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    My goal this week is 3500. That's quite a chanllenge for me since I usually only burn around 300 cals per day.
  • Delll2013
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    Happy birthday for your daughter! Have a good time tonight.

    Tax, hope you recover soon!
  • Amerielle
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    My goal for this challenge is 2000 cals per week, but looking ahead at my schedule I have one week in May where I will be lucky to even get in a walk. So I have decided I'd better bump up this week a bit to make up for the busy time to come and I will burn at least 2500 this week. It looks like spring has FINALLY sprung here in my area so it will be nice to get outside!
  • meadow_sage
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    My goal for this week is 3,500. It is the same goal for every week from now on. I plan on meeting that by continuing my strength training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday...I start Yoga on Thursdays and cardio virtually everyday. It should be challenging, yet very well in reach.
  • lorihov
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    Frist Good Luck let's do this. Good luck on those finals, watch the study snacks. They can be murder, so my daughter tells me. Have fun at the wedding dance lots. You burn more calories then you think. Have fun bowling, remember what those birthday party's were like. Burned my frist 150 calories having a dance party with my granddaughter. Got to make this fun!
  • falu1975
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    Hi, everyone

    My goal for First week is 2,250 . Good luck everyone :-)
  • move2health
    move2health Posts: 11 Member
    I am very excited for this challenge! It will give me the motivation to stay on track. My goal this first week is 2400kcal.
  • doralpz83
    doralpz83 Posts: 4 Member
    My goal is 500 calories a day...Everyone have a Great work out today!! Best of luck !!!
  • doralpz83
    doralpz83 Posts: 4 Member
    Good luck on your exams!:smile:
  • sebachie
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    Goal for this week 2K. GL everybody!