• juliasnewlife
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    My goal for this week is 2400 calories.
  • Alotalove4u
    Alotalove4u Posts: 67 Member
    WEEK # 1 (5-1-13 thru 5-7-13 )

    ~ My goal is 1500 calories burned, And 800 calories daily intake....

    Lets get it done,, We all can do this!!!! :bigsmile: :flowerforyou:
  • Ely0418
    Ely0418 Posts: 45 Member
    My goal is to burn 1800 this week. I might me doing some p90x this whole month so that will be enough. I might burn even more calories which is GREAT......
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    My goal for the 1st week is to burn 5000....should be very doable as this week will be my last week of hard training for the Tough Mudder on May 11th.

    Good Luck Everyone....We've Got This!!! :drinker:
  • jacie87
    jacie87 Posts: 46 Member
    I haven't trained this hard since high school athletics, but I'm really wanting to dedicate myself this month! So...

    Minimum each week will be 3500 calories. However, with the training plan I've mapped out, I could be hitting 4880-5680 this week. Granted, that's IF I can do all the cardio/strength training I've planned. Going to give it my all this week and see where I end up.

    Good luck and work hard everyone!!

  • luisalg14
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    My goal is 3300 each week, but I want to bump up this week's effort (maybe to 4000 or so), as I'm spending a long weekend in Vegas next week and will miss 2 days of work outs).
    Good luck, guys!!!
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    I"m with @kyleyjo1 - my goal this 1200 this week!! I've burned 986 since Sunday!! WHOOP!! WHOOOP! Too bad that doesn't go with this weeks!
  • zanne54
    zanne54 Posts: 336 Member
    My total goal for May is 16,000 so that's just over 500 per day. So, that's 3,613 for each week.

    Tonight will be a challenge to get a workout in. It's Game 1 of the Leafs vs. Bruins and I've been waiting 9 years for some playoff action! I can watch from the treadmill, but it's not in hi-def. :( Off to figure out how many minutes I need to walk in order to burn 516 calories, which I'll most likely convert directly into beer. :D
  • First day....first set back.

    I was already to workout this morning - bag was packed! BUT in our hometown we had a massive fire in the center of town. My husband is a fire fighter so needless to say I was unable to sleep, let alone get up and get to the gym at 6:00 A.M. (On a side note - there were no injuries!)

    I will try to get a walk in this evening, but my daughters have a double header softball game!

    I will get this day made up!
  • Delll2013
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    Rachel, happy to hear there were no casualties. You'll make up for today in no time. Just redistribute 10 mins for each of the next workouts.

    On this side of the world the day is almost over. Burned 500 on the treadmill today. Totally on plan!

    I think someone mentioned having a calorie intake of only 800. Careful with that! We want to lose weight but also stay healthy in the process. That amount is very very small.
  • tattyto
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    I already trained for today, you know we are "in the future" in Europe. And let me complain- I can't believe that I burned only 230 calories from such a vigorous weight lifting, let alone the cardio I did before and after that.:(:(:(
    So my goal for this week is 2300 calories. :)
    Good luck everybody.

    P.S. How do you calculate the weekly burned calories??
  • ajhouse
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    My goals are a bit smaller than a lot, but I am doing good if I can fit a 2 mile walk in at night.
    I just added up my calories burnt from last month, 2417. This month, I am going to aim for 3100, which would put me at 700 a week. I am hoping to get more like 1,000 a week, but that depends on how much time I have.
  • erinprattavila
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    So excited that May is here!! I am off to the gym to start the burning!! Can't wait for Tuesday to see how everyone did. I am hopeful that this week being the first week I can burn 3500 calories. Fingers crossed and good luck everyone!! :bigsmile:
  • Delll2013
    Delll2013 Posts: 73
    Tatty, for the weekly total, each user has to add up the calories burned in the previous 7 days. Don't be discouraged. Little is way better than nothing :D

    AJ, enjoy your walks!

    Erin, happy to see someone as excited as I am. Let us know how it went ;)
  • airant
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    Hello everyone, good luck, my goal is 16,000 so I will be doing around 3,300 a day.
  • mightdomightnot
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    Hi everyone....I'm aiming for 2100 this week :)

    good luck x
  • katherinealevy
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    Hi Guys,
    My goal for this week is 4,000 calories. I must say though, those people who are aiming for 6,000 are very motivating! If I get close to that then I would be so happy!

    So far, I've burnt:
    Monday: 1,095
    Tuesday: 825
    Wednesday: 702

    I'm going to boot camp everyday and am really happy with my progress.

    Keep it up everyone!
  • tanyamstrain
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    My goal is to burn 2500 total calories a day and get in 10,000 steps a day. With 500 of them coming from workouts totaling 3500 for the week. I'd like to drop at least 2lbs this week.
  • Hello everyone, good luck, my goal is 16,000 so I will be doing around 3,300 a day.

    Good luck girl!!!! My hat is off to you!!! Whoo-Hoo!!! :drinker:
  • vbailey12
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    My week 1 goal is 1500 calories.

    Okay...this doesn't sound like alot but the reason I joined this challenge is to develop the habit of working out. Im about 260lbs and in a typical workout I burn 300 calories. So at 300 calories a day and five days a week...I hope to burn 1500. I just did my workout and let me tell you...I'm DRENCHED in sweat!