May 6 challenge



  • mwoods5716
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    I took a friend out for dinner n drinks, she was down in a big way
  • glenner
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    Team Blundetto- I visited a friend who has been off work since February due to a knee injury. She had surgery a month ago and is very bored/frustrated/lonely and sad that people from work have sort of forgotten her. She loves walking and I knew this nice weather would make her miss it even more so I stopped in for a nice visit to distract her.
    100 jumping jacks done. But not in front of my friend- that would negate the nice part lol!
  • jenniferitzep
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    Well i help an eldery lady that was in a wheel chair look and reach for sttuff at store well maybe 3 differnt people and told maybe 3 people of a lower price (walmart does competier prices) and i didnt be mean to the cashier when it took over 50 minutes to check me out i was still nice to her even though i was super late.
    Did 100 sit ups cant do jumping jack
  • erin_w2012
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    My sister just had her 3rd baby. This is both selfish and kind because I enjoyed it, but I went over there this evening an spent some time taking care of the kiddos so she could have a break. She had an errand to run and got out of the house for a bit. I think she really appreciated it! :)

    And 100 JJ's are done!!
  • jenniferitzep
    jenniferitzep Posts: 66 Member
    Money has been tight for my roommate and her boyfriend so I thought I would cook dinner for all of us. It's nothing big but they certainly appreciated it. Also, downloaded an app that makes a tiny donation to charity for every mile you run/walk/jog.


    What app is that?
  • MainahGirl
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    Team Sacrimoni

    I had a 3 visit punch card in my purse from the gym I belong to. Today I gave the card to a friend and asked her to join me for a class or two. :)

    I didn't do 100 jumping jacks, but i did attend my usual Monday cardio/strength class.
  • missmegan831
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    Following TEAM SACRIMONI members completed both the act of kindness a/or jumping jacks
    Missmegan both
    Traynorj82 both
    Heppin1 both
    Anagraphy both
    Taranne kindness/no jacks
    Meemilla both
    Meandfrank kindness/no jacks
    Octobergrl both
    05saleengrl both
    Kkmonroe both
    Karendee4 both
    MissKriss3 both
    Tubbyelmo both
    Nicolekrezenski both
    Likerebecca both
    Erinw_2012 both
    Nwintern kindness/50 jacks
    Matawna both
  • diva_kate
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    This is a different kind of nice deed.

    My favorite aunt is overweight and a major diet soda drinker-- that stuff is HORRIBLE for you!!! I'm concerned about her health and want her to be around for a long time, so I've been trying to get her to sample some of my teas while she is currently visiting me. She kept refusing by saying she wasn't a tea drinker, but when we were at Teavana today I managed to get her to sample some teas and she found some she loved! I even managed to get her a discount on her purchase there. She announced to me that she is giving up soda in favor of tea now-- I am so pleased that she has a healthy new indulgence.
  • mrsjas2000
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    my kids got new bikes yesterday and their old ones are fine going to donate them to our inner city children
    did 100 jumping jacks
  • Meemilla
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    Our neighbors went in vacation for a few weeks and a heat wave has hit us for the week so I figured I would water and take care of their grass and flowers so they don't come home to a dead yard when it is a lovely English garden. Oh and using my water.

    100 jumping jacks done too! Team SACRIMONI.
  • SavvyGurl0528
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    I fed all the cattle for my son today. He had a major paper due tomorrow and needed to time to get it done, so I helped out by covering his chores.

    100 Jumping Jacks completed!
  • adianeschu
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    A friend of mine commented that she wish she could go get her hair done but there were too many other things she needed to spend her money on. I use to be a hairdresser so I cut my friends hair today and styled her hair. She was so excited on her new look.

    100 jumping jacks
  • emilyc85
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    My husband was having a bad day and he wanted some ice cream (we both had the calories for it), and so I picked him up ice cream and listened to him about his day, and offered up sympathy when he needed it :)
  • dmdegrassi
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    Today, even though I was rushed at work, didn't really have time, and wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like being helpful to anyone (yeah, I wasn't feeling well and it shows in my diary, etc.), I offered to save a few people some time by checking info for their work in another building so they wouldn't have to. I know this doesn't sound impressive, but if you saw how I was feeling, it really was. No extra jumping jacks. In fact, no extra any workout today, and I was over in calories for one of the few times ever.
  • Noenvynofear
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    Couldn't find an opportunity to help someone in need, so i just tried to be nice to everyone i saw :/
  • Super_Mama
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    In coaching Girls on the Run, we have 2 girls who are really struggling to both physically and emotionally get through our 3 mile practice runs. Yesterday BOTH of them completed their runs (albeit with a TON of complaining involved) but I was VERY proud of them none the less. Not only did I make a special point of acknowledging their accomplishments of achieving a new PR to the entire group, I pulled both of their moms aside and let them know how proud I was of all of their daughter's hard work.

    100 jumping Jacks complete!
  • mznortiz
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    reconnected with two folks i haven't spoken to in a while. so good to catch up and hear the good things that are happening in their lives. one said, my phone call made her day! good challenge.
  • Taraanne76
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    My kindness was taking care of my sick children (included vomit) while I was ill too. No jacks for me but I will be making up for it this week at the gym, I missed two days already from illness :(
  • ukaggirl
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    I was in the grocery store and a young woman in front of me was a little short on her total for her groceries. When I first got behind her in line I was impressed with the choices she had made as she had a lot of healthy foods. I didn't want her to have to make a decision of what vegetable to give up so I had the cashier ring it up with mine and bag it with her items. It wasn't much but it felt great to help out even just a little.
  • Mindochka
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    I have been enjoying my running a lot lately. I reached out to a friend who has shown some interest but hasn't taken the initiative. We planned a run together in the fall to support each other.