ashleyeliz25 Posts: 141 Member
Hi all!

Feel free to post your results for week 1 on here!

Everyone is doing an amazing job!!! Hoping to get back on track after the funeral this week.

Keep up the awesome work!!!


  • mightdomightnot
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    Hi ...hope you are coping after your sad loss.

    I came in at 2080 this week.

    kat :)
  • mammakisses
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    I did 1470 so short of 2030. Oops Oh well another week starts tomorow and I will do it this time.
  • mrsburghart
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    Goal was 2,500....burned 2539!
  • I had just 2322 calories burned for the week. Was hoping for a bit more! I will push harder for each 2. Looking at 3,000!
  • Ely0418
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    This week I burned 2,507 calories. I was hoping for more but i am fine with this amount..
  • kyleyjo1
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    My goal was 1,200... I burned 1,274. I knew I wasn't going to do a lot of working out last week, but I guess I knew myself better than I thought!! :)
  • lorihov
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    1438 burned way under. But burned a ton of calories that don't count, doing renovation and yard work. I'm so sore not going to make it to the gym. Doing yard work again today.
  • luisalg14
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    Great job, everybody!
    My approximate for each week was 2300, and I smashed it the first week: I burned 4430!!! :laugh:
    I did want to do at least 3000 because this weekend I'm going away, so will miss 3 workouts :( I will try to compensate a bit tomorrow and Thursday with some extra calories, until I'm back next week.
  • erinprattavila
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    I am so excited about how well I did this week! I came in at 5,049!!!!! Hope I can top that next week. Keep up the great work everyone, what a great way to get ready for the nice weather. Have a great week 2!!
  • Amerielle
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    My goal was 2000 and I burned 2075 so I have 75 in the "bank" for next week! :-) I had a good workout today...I'm doing the Zombies, Run 5k training and today was week 3 day 3. I was able to run for 7 minutes out of the last 8 min free run. Huge improvement for me!
  • bambi2578
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    My goal for the week was 3000, I came short by 71 calories. Still pretty good - I wasn't sure if I was going to be close at all!

  • My goal was to burn 6,300 calories... I burned 6,307!!! I took 1day off, so I'm proud that I achieved my goal!! :drinker:
  • miracole
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    No specific goal for week 1, but due to a sudden heat wave and a stomach bug I missed my long run for the week, got in a respectable 3868 all told. Am planning to blow that one out of the water this next week!
  • Delll2013
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    Great results, ladies! Hats off for those of you aiming as high as 6000/week. I think we're all pushing hard and closely missing your goal is also a victory. It's a million times better than spending those same houra on the sofa. So a big round of applause for of all of us!

    This week I'm 1000 calories above goal as I was aiming for 2500. It's true that I've had a couple of days when I worked out both in the morning and in the afternoon. I took a break day but I coudl have squeezed in a long walk on that day. Food for thought for next week.

    Have a great new begining!
  • wtw0n
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    Week 1 (1.-7.5.)
    5/1: 935 (Insanity - Max Cardio Conditioning + Cardio Abs, bicycling 27.6km)
    5/2: 829 (TurboFire - Fire 30, strength training, Insanity - Core Cardio and Balance, walking 2.2km)
    5/3: 1060 (Insanity - Max Interval Circut, bicycling 33.6km)
    5/4: 857 (bicycling 17km, TurboFire - Fire 30, Insanity - Max Interval Plyo)
    5/5: 831 (bicycling 17.45km, Insanity - Max Cardio Conditioning + Cardio Abs, strength training)
    5/6: 976 (Insanity - Fit Test + Cardio Abs, Brazil Butt Lift - High & Tight, TurboFire - Stretch 10, bicycling 31.3km)
    5/7: 827 (running 2.1km, TurboFire - Fire 30, strength training, Insanity - Cardio Abs)

    Total: 6315
    Week 1 Goal: 6000 (105.25%)
    May Goal: 24000 (26.31%)

  • ChangeIsADecision
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    I'm late!! Sorry.... :happy:

    My total was 1952 calories burned this week!!! WHOOP ~ WHOOP!!!
    245 minutes of exercise.

    I think I need to up my goal a little!! :tongue:
  • vbailey12
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    My goal was 1500 calories...I did 1563! I too am thinking of uping the weekly goal to 2100.

    Congrats to everyone who met their goals this week...I see you burning it up!
    And kudos to those who almost made their totals...great effort!

    ...Everyone deserves a pat on the back just for getting off the couch!
  • airant
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    My goal was 3300, and I did 3680, Very proud,, I took 2 days off.. So ready for this week
  • casmithis
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    I did 2,940 but not sure what my goal was. How can I find that out easily?

    Off to Cuba on Saturday so not sure what this next week will bring. Hopefully there's a gym where I'm going and I can run there.
  • ajhouse
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    Week 1 goal 700-1000 calories.
    Total for week 1 was 974.
    Would have gotten a couple of longer walks in if it wasn't for the rain.