May 10 challenge

theparnellssean Posts: 637 Member
Time to give the muscles a little break and a little nourishment. Make a healthy meal for yourself, your family, or significant other. Explain what you made and why it's healthy.

Healthy meal = one large

I really don't want you to think that your Don is getting soft, so let's add a two-mile run walk jog for an extra-large.

Bon appétit.

The Don


  • glenner
    glenner Posts: 160 Member
    That is 3.22 km for us Canadian Sopranos!
  • hmuh
    hmuh Posts: 379 Member
    Super easy, put it on anything, Crockpot chicken!
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    Chicken quesadillas with tomatoes, usually I have cheese with them too, but will omit cheese for today, to be more diet-friendly.:flowerforyou:
  • mbfarmgurl
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    We eat breakfast together as a family (hubby and I and 4 teenagers) almost everyday. Usually it is eggs (fresh fromour chickens), with veg's and toast (fresh baked from my kitchen) or steel cut oatmeal with our own canned fruit. We also eat supper together almost every night. We are working hard to not only cook healthly meals but raise our animals in as healthy as possible scenarios - grass fed beef (fed on healthy grass) , no chemical feed for chickens, we are starting to raise pastured pork this year also.

    I also did the bonus of a 2 mile walk this morning while checking calves!
    GO team Paulie!!
  • Kimberly3013
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    Sorry but this challenge is not working for me today. I have the stomach virus that has made its way through my house now. Yesterday I was doing good getting 1/4 cup of chicken noodle soup in me for the entire day. I still don't have an appetite today and my daughter is also home with me because of the same thing. Everyone muscle in my body is aching right now so I am not sure what I will be able to do today.
  • hopepea
    hopepea Posts: 6 Member
    Going to have boiled skinless .chicken w/rice.... Very simple. But the kids =) plus.add.t:tongue: he 2 mile walk =) we got.this.everyone!:smooched:
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    Made two scrambled eggs and two slices bacon for breakfast. Healthier than my usual choices with more protein and less carbs. Will take care if the walk this afternoon.
  • Taraanne76
    Taraanne76 Posts: 111 Member
    Sugar free oatmeal meatloaf, oven roasted broccoli and faux mashed potatoes.

    I went 14.4 miles in spin class today :)
  • BoboGritt
    BoboGritt Posts: 72 Member
    Turkey Meatloaf, kind of invented my own variation of it. Used lean ground turkey and added chopped up black beans for nutritional value. Also, baked sweet potato fries.

    Also completed the 2 mile jog (slowly, bahahahaha)
  • MMarvelous
    MMarvelous Posts: 1,067 Member
    Grilled chicken salad DONE
  • Noenvynofear
    Noenvynofear Posts: 137 Member
    mushroom pasta and 2 miles done :)
  • ImprovingEla
    ImprovingEla Posts: 396 Member
    Fruit salad!
    As long as you do not mind the natural sugar that is coming along!
    Put in what you like and just workout the numbers, also great for breakfast, lunch, snacks or under müsli/ cereals!

    Also notice bananas do not really work in this, at least not in mine *lol*

    Edit: I shared the fruit salade with the In-Laws!
  • fmmahan
    fmmahan Posts: 5 Member
    For today's challenge I made a tuna salad with lettuce, tomatoes and onion from a local farmers market with a light balsamic dressing. For dinner it will be a black bean salad with avocado and green peppers along with brolied tilapia with fresh lime. followed by another 2.5 mile walk for the day
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member

    Since its easier to report as a team, all team mates have made a healthy meal and reported to me, Capo as to the reason of its nutritional value. I will post any bonuses after all have reported for the day.
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    10 floors climbed today
    2.5 miles traveled today

    salads for everyone tonight!!!
    not too much in cooking mood since feeling like crap but still managing a healthy meal
  • MurallyAnn
    MurallyAnn Posts: 173 Member
    I made baked cod with fresh green beans and a baked potato. I try to have fish at least 3 times a week for a meal. I biked for 15 mile today also!
  • jenniferitzep
    jenniferitzep Posts: 66 Member
    Homemade chicken leg soup ( chicken legs celery onoin green onoin potatoes and large shell noodles). under 200 calories. Salad and fruit salad. Also walking done had a art festival at children s school. Walked around the school so many time going class to class.
  • renira
    renira Posts: 10
    Made some homemade chicken & rice for dinner tonight minus my usual cream of chicken soup...lowering the already low-cal dish into an even lower calorie one. Kicked it up with some natural herbs and spices. It's actually cooking right now...I think I'll accompany it with a small salad in an olive oil and red wine vinaigrette. Much better than my usual and feeding it to my hubby too. :)
  • Joyellef
    Joyellef Posts: 37 Member
    I made a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and mustard. Yummy and very low calorie! Plus I walked 2 miles : )
  • SavvyGurl0528
    SavvyGurl0528 Posts: 228 Member
    I made applewood smoked salmon and a side salad with Italian dressing. It was healthy, filling and very good.

    Also walked 3 miles for the bonus.