A Mothers day challenge



  • MainahGirl
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    ********TEAM SACRIMONI*******

    Bonus - My family and I went to a local amusement park in Maine called Funtown. Was there a little over 4 hours and did tons of walking and riding! Great day!
  • Keto_T
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    Went to visit my mom today (it's also her birthday) and then my step mom. Talked to my oldest who is out of state and my youngest stayed home all day-which is very unusual for her. Walked and rebounded today but not sure of the mileage.
  • dmdegrassi
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    Walked 3.37 miles at 4 mph. Completed a Mom's Day project with Mom where we added silk flowers to the rosary chain that was laid on my Dad's casket in February, and hung it on Mom's wall. If you're a FB friend of mine, you can see a pic of it on my wall.
  • adianeschu
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    Walked 3.31 miles today, Ate lunch with my mother-n-law, my daughter and her husband was back in Iowa so I went and met her at A& W which was 30 min. away, my other daughter went with me to see them. Had a really nice visit with both daughters and son-n-law, then high tailed it to my mom's house which was 45 min away for supper.
  • missmegan831
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    Meandfrank 5 miles walking.. spent day with family at amusement park and ocean
  • xoTLCxo
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    My first Mother's Daughter with my step daughter living with us..:heart::heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: beautiful family day :heart:
  • Joyellef
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    I got to spend the day with my family at my mom's. We had lunch and went swimming I also rode 5 miles on my bike.
  • MurallyAnn
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    Biked 18 miles tonight, spent the day with my hubby and kids, hubby made breakfast and lunch . We went to hospital to visit my mother in law and then they took me out to see the movie The Great Gaspy! It was a wonderful day!!
  • Prephred
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    Walked 1/2 mile today. Still haven't made it farther but I am getting stronger.

    Got to talk to my mom, my aunt and my mom-in-law today. So that was really neat.
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    Swam 10 laps
    And today was great, we cooked dinner as a family (grilled steaks, chicken breast & stuffed jalapenos) then the whole family went to the gym together & finished our visit there with a family basketball game (since the courts were empty)
    Had a wonderful mother's day!
  • dsgoingtodoit
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    Hey there - Alright...did you know I was going to overeat at lunch today our wonderful Godfather?

    Well - thanks much for the challenge - got my 3.1 miles in - 497 cal's

    Talked to my MIL's, Grandmother, Mom...called my single Mom friends to wish them a good day...and then
    my hubs and boys had flowers and a card for me....
    -Hubs spent way too much time for me the other night as he traded in my old phone for Mother's Day...and while I hate the little bit of added expense...man - is it nice having a phone that will hold a charge again! ;D I do not "I-Phone" it yet...but I can see why folks like them.
    -My son built me a Mom's Day tribute in Minecraft...too amazing how he builds all of that....hoping he might be an engineer one day.
    -Youngest built me a tower...
    -Went to church and ate lunch at Abuelo's/yumtastic...but bummed...left the other filet mignon in the to go box.... so good that I didn't eat both...(wanted it so badly)...but hate that the money was spent...and wasted...ugh
    Then I had to be evil Mom who fusses to get kiddo to do homework...and hurrrrrry to shower ..and bed...and
    well - that's part of the job description sometimes.
    Had to apologize for my rudeness one time...that's part of it to...
    unless you are perfect...which I'm not.

    So - all in all - a wonderful Mother's Day.
  • mbfarmgurl
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    I completed the challenge of walking 5k and riding my new horse!:)
    The bonus I experienced is this: I am an advocate for brain injury survivors and have bought 1500 BI awareness bracelets to give away o anyone who wants some... well yesterday I had a random person contact me on my email via Instagram about wanting a few bracelets for BI awareness! I am using FB and Instagram for helpin me in spreading awareness -- but am always so surprised when it seems to reach people!
  • _Pseudonymous_
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    My mother lives in Tennessee so I didn't get to do anything special for her.

    However, yesterday was the graduation ceremony for my two best friends so I helped prettify them and get them going and spent all day celebrating their success!

    Also, got one of my friends to go on a 4 mile hike and ended it with a delicious lunch of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

    overall fantastic day if you ask me (except my mother living 16 hours away)
  • mrsjas2000
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    I went for my walk with my mom and ice cream with my mom, mother in law and my kids a great ending to a great day
  • farmwife3815
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    My Mom has passed away. Had a cook out with my sister's. My daughter made a lovely breakfast for me and surprised me with a pair of earrings. Wonderful day!!
  • kendallsauntie
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    Got the 5k in. No bonus though.

    Team leotardo
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