Protein/Carb/Fat Ratio

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What's your ratio and how hard do you try to stay within your goal amounts? Are any of you lifting weights to add muscle and if so, do you take into consideration the amount f protein you eat?


  • kingscrown
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    I shoot for my fat to be 18%. LOL. I don't make it often, but I'm close. I do weight train and protein is something I have to really work at every day. Getting it high enough that is. You can find sights online that will help you figure out the amount for you.
  • conniedj
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    40% carbs
    30% fat
    30% protein

    I don't use processed carbs *except* on the rare occassion that I eat a hamburger or desserts while out dining. Farro is my fave grain right it!

    I am big on the good fats: only coconut oil or organic lard for high temp cooking. Butter for saute's, olive oil on salad veggies. I also love avocado.

    Protens I wishi we had a better source of fresh fish closer to us.....but mostly chicken, beef and pork ( all from *happy* animals!).

    The ratio that I use it usually for people that are on a consistent moderate to heavy work out schedule. I will see if I can find the website that helped me figured out....
  • bound4beauty
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    Thanks ladies! My trainer keeps stressing the importance of protein but most days I find it very hard to get enough without going over in fat. There are only so many egg whites a person can eat in a day! I like tuna and salmon but don't want to eat it every day.

    I try and get the bulk of my fat from healthy sources as well, like olive oil, avocado, etc...
  • wildfirediva
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    I try to get AT LEAST 100g per day of Protein, striving for .8-1g of protein per lb of lean body mass.

    I have my macros set for 40% Protein/ 30%Fat/ 30%Carbs

    Depending on how active you are is what will dictate the amount of protein. Heavy lifters and hard core cross fitters go for 2g/lb of lbm.

    Whole Eggs and egg whites (from the carton) along with whey protein and chicken breast are my favorite ways. I don't do tuna too often due to the high quantity of mercury and the BPA in the can. But I find myself doing sardines more often than tuna (more nutrition and less mercury per serving)

    My favorite whey at the moment is Bluebonnet Whey + Casein
    [url] [/url]

    Natural from grass fed non hormone treated cows, stevia sweetened
    27 g of protein per serving , 1g of Fat and 3.5 g of Carbs (plus what I get from mixing w Unsweetened Almond Milk)