May 14th Challenge



  • traynorj82
    traynorj82 Posts: 234 Member

    I am in this challenge for accountability and support. Also, I love having someone else help decide what sort of exercises I should do for the day.
  • emilyc85
    emilyc85 Posts: 450 Member
    I am in this challenge because I like the competitive aspect of it. I like that it is an "all for one" sort of thing and that makes me more apt to do the challenges, whereas I may not if there wasn't that particular aspect :P
  • pkrichar
    pkrichar Posts: 228 Member
    I am in this challenge for the variation it adds to my workouts. I find it fun to do the daily challenges.
  • tubbyelmo
    tubbyelmo Posts: 415 Member
    I'm here for the support and encouragement, and the challenges make me try things I probably wouldn't test myself with otherwise!
  • daniellescsu
    daniellescsu Posts: 101 Member
    Because I am trying to lose weight for my birthday (not happening at this point) and a big vacation in Sept and I need encouragement and a little healthy competition to get me there!
  • kellieanney
    kellieanney Posts: 51 Member
    I'm in this challenge to lose weight and gain muscle tone and energy, also to look good in my summer clothes!
  • Crystalagain22
    Crystalagain22 Posts: 63 Member
    I'm in this challenge to lose weight, for the accountability, as well as I love the challenges, it keeps me on my feet. I love the support I get here :)
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member


    I am in this challenge for a lot of reasons... I was Capt last months challenge and had great results. I enjoy working with other people that have the same fitness/health goals as myself. I am a social person and this keeps me accountable. I also aim to inspire other people, especially women to be themselves, dont let other people change you, be happy, strong, independent and healthy and this is another tool I feel that heads us in the direction we are all looking towards.
  • theparnellslisa
    theparnellslisa Posts: 390 Member
    When I joined MFP in January I was part of a challenge and I also the joined too Tired Too Be Inspired in February. I realized at that point that being a member of a team is very motivating and makes you accountable as well. I realize as the weather is getting better many people will be less active in the challenges but remember why you joined MFP to begin with. I have been been working so hard to balance my life and find time each and every day to be active. I no longer say " well, I' ll work out when I'm done doing this chore or that one" because I know that I would never find the time for myself. The major reason we are overweight is because we put others and things ahead of ourselves. I feel until we reach a point where we truly feel we are worth the time, then we will remain as we are, overweight. I want each and every person in this challenge to believe they are worth the time. I want each of you to be successful and lose weight with the support and help of our inspirational group! Let's do this now so we never have to start over again!! That is why I am doing this!!
  • farmwife3815
    farmwife3815 Posts: 326 Member
    I'm here to keep this process fun. Losing weight is hard and it sucks!! This keeps me on my toes and gives me accountability!!
  • DaisyDi65
    DaisyDi65 Posts: 70 Member
    This is my second Soprano challenge. I like the accountability with peers with common goals.
  • MainahGirl
    MainahGirl Posts: 282 Member
    Why not be here? What do I have to LOSE???? A lot - ha! I'm almost down 100 and it's getting harder for the weight to come off. This challenge pushes me to try new things I wouldn't have before.

    GOOOOOOO Team Sacrimoni!!!!!!!
  • hmuh
    hmuh Posts: 379 Member
    I love mixing up my routine with the daily challenges. Plus, I've met some awesome people! Win-win!!
  • Ramberta
    Ramberta Posts: 1,312 Member
    Team Paulie

    I am doing this challenge to hold myself accountable and to keep myself from falling off the wagon completely. When I am the only one motivating myself, I fail. But being part of a challenge and being involved in a little competitive fun keeps me spurred on towards a healthier, happier me :smile:

    I will not be doing the bonus simply because my arm is still healing... don't want to test my luck just yet!
  • nwintersrn
    nwintersrn Posts: 6 Member
    **** TEAM SACRIMONI******

    I am here because I am fat! I do not like being fat! I feel gross! And, its time to lose weight. I have tried just about every diet out there and none seem to work. My sister is doing great with MFP so I decided to give it a try.
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    i'm here to challenge myself to do better during the month, sometimes for me it is better to know what the exercise of the day to try for so things don't get stale.

    8.01 miles

    Floors Climbed

    wall presses instead of push ups (x150)
  • MurallyAnn
    MurallyAnn Posts: 173 Member
    I am doing this challenge for ME, to keep myself motivated, to make myself accountable, to better my health,to get off of my blood preasure pills and to meet wonderful people who also have the same goals!!
    did the 50 wall push ups
  • I'm in this challange because I love to challange myself. I am a very competitive person so this challange is my Cup of tea . Go team Dante ! Cindy
  • heppin1
    heppin1 Posts: 32 Member
    Team sacrimoni

    I am on here because when I get stressed or tired I start to slack and lose motivation quick!! By being on the challenge I at least push myself to do a little something each day instead of just vegging on the couch. I hate letting other people down so I push myself each day not only for myself but for the amazing, supportive friends I have made on here. I feel that without this challenge/team I would be right back to where I started. Instead I am moving forward, it may not be fast, and there is the occasional set-back, but overall I have made progress toward the goal of being the healthy person I want to be.
  • mocatinho
    mocatinho Posts: 65
    I am in this challenge because I want to change my ways. I am hoping to continue with a healthy lifestyle change. Good luck to everyone