Which Tosca Reno Book?

bound4beauty Posts: 274 Member
If you could only recommend one of her books, which one would it be?


  • Lyerin
    Lyerin Posts: 818 Member
    I have the Recharged one, and I really like it. It has the details of the way to eat clean and has some recipes too.

    It would be hard to stop at one though. LOL I have the cookbook and the cookbook 2 and we use them both all the time.
  • garlic7girl
    garlic7girl Posts: 2,236 Member
    I forget the name but the first one...It gives it to you from the beginners perspective and shows step by step "whys".
  • kingscrown
    kingscrown Posts: 615 Member
    Recharged is the beginning book with more info. I have it and would suggest someone start there. I just saw the beginning book, but it didn't say recharged on it at Costco today. It looked like basically the same book.