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mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
I got desperate and went back to the sad diet for the past 2 weeks. No adverse effects except that I can not sleep. I'm back to primal tomorrow and I've missed my lifestyle and primal community. This is the way my body was made to eat, and I've been grieving the loss of it. It became a part of my life and I bailed on it when things got tough. I am thankful that these 2 weeks are over and I can get back to the way I was made to live. Thanks for always being so supportive. I am so glad to be back again.


  • caribougal
    caribougal Posts: 865 Member
    This is life. That was 2 weeks out of it. No biggie. Just get back on the train.
  • LadyPaleo
    LadyPaleo Posts: 24
    Welcome back!
  • MikeFlyMike
    MikeFlyMike Posts: 639 Member
    welcome ;)
    And not having adverse effects - sometimes those don't always come in the form of weight, G.I., pains...
    Sometimes it comes in the form of long term health.
    eat good food - you deserve the BEST.
  • shar140
    shar140 Posts: 1,158 Member
    Welcome back! :) At least it was only 2 weeks - over the 2011 holidays I went off for a month, and gained back like CRAZY, so be glad, lol. This past year, I was able to drop 10lb instead, while everyone else was gaining. :)
  • threeohtwo
    threeohtwo Posts: 153 Member
    I had a small amount of wheat for the first time yesterday and woke up with a killer migraine today...I won't be doing that again for a bit...
  • AshleyPaleo
    AshleyPaleo Posts: 121
    welcome back =)
  • Tuesday4422
    Tuesday4422 Posts: 56 Member
    Welcome Back!!! It's okay to have a break every now and then. As long as you get back on track. :)
  • jenfitz
    jenfitz Posts: 66 Member
    Cut yourself a break! It sounds like you're going through something stressful and I'm sorry for that... You're back and doing what you know is good for you. Yay you! Revel in your positive choices and don't get caught feeling guilty when and if you falter. Think long-haul. In the scheme of your life two weeks is nothing! :flowerforyou:
  • bethanylaugh
    bethanylaugh Posts: 237
    don't worry, it was less than 4% of your whole year! :)
  • DCpaleochick
    DCpaleochick Posts: 211 Member
    I had chocolate hazelnut gelato what...we adjust and move on. (simple & plain) God willing...tomorrow is a new day hence we move forward.

  • Defren
    Defren Posts: 216 Member
    I had a small amount of wheat for the first time yesterday and woke up with a killer migraine today...I won't be doing that again for a bit...

    I had fruit cake with wheat flour and sugar last week (a cheat day I sorely regret). It took 4 days of not being able to be too far away from the bathroom for things to settle down again. We live and learn.

    Welcome back :-)
  • bikermike5094
    bikermike5094 Posts: 1,752 Member
    technically you never left, you just went away for a visit.. i do that once in a while too....:tongue:
  • livlovra
    livlovra Posts: 139 Member
    I fell off the wagon this weekend and have been regretting it. Sore tum last night like you would not believe. I never thought I actually had adverse effects from my previous diet, I just knew b/c of the PCOS that i had to change it. But clearly I have an instant reaction to it now.

    Plus I put on like a kg in 2 days/ Not over eating just wrong food.
  • senami632
    senami632 Posts: 134 Member
    Had a pizza on saturday. Totally back on track now! :)
  • Thyme4change
    Thyme4change Posts: 46 Member
    Welcome back...I hv had two mths of birthdays and celebrations. Stayed more or less primal but my mind set never changed, I know it is right for my body, but we live in a life which is challenging us every step of the way, which I think is a good thing :) Your awareness is awesome! Keep it up...Kim
  • josephine_x
    josephine_x Posts: 90 Member
    I've had a weekend full of vodka and cookies!!!! Proud that I've swapped the diet coke with my vodka for soda water and the cookies were almond flour/ dark chocolate. I know I won't have lost any weight this weekend but I made better choices than I would have before paleo! Congratulations on making the commitment to start eating more healthy again!