WHich Atkins Book do you recommend ?

Calif_Girl67 Posts: 526 Member
Hey there,

I just started Induction today and wanted to go to the library and pick up an Atkins book,
They actually have several books to choose from, from older ones to the newest ones and I didn't know which
I should start so any recommendations would be appreciated.


  • codapea
    codapea Posts: 182 Member
    I have checked them all out from the library and the one I liked the best and ended up buying is "Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution". I just found it to be the simplest to follow, low carb is explained well, and the actual diet in this book I have had the best results with. This book is from before all the Atkin's bars and shakes went on the market, so it doesn't talk about sugar alcohols. I don't use the Atkin's products anyway (too expensive) and I just make my own low carb desserts when I need a sweet or chocolate fix, so I don't know if they work. If you want to use the Atkin's products regularly, you should probably read the newest book first, "The New Atkins For A New You".
  • CoCoMa
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    I would also recommend DANDR - Dr. A New Diet Revolution. It keeps it simple.