Who follows Exchange System?

Hello everyone...just curious how many of you follow the Exchange Food System and how do you log your food on this site?


  • susan9
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    Like the exchange system, but have not used it often. Try to keep it in mind by keeping meals balanced and healthy.
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 47 Member
    Looks like it has been a long time since I asked this...so I will ask again...maybe we have some new people. Anyone here following the Exchange Food Program????

    Anyone know of a good way to track food exchanges instead of calories on this site???
  • I honestly just joined this site so I could find TOPS people online, and don't plan on using the food trackers on here. You can always just write down what you're eating. That's how I track. I don't have a smartphone, but I have a regular cell with a lot of little "features" like notes, etc, so I use the notes feature to write down what I eat. It's funny, any time I've lost a substantial amount of weight and kept it off for say, a year or two, I was just kind of naturally using the food pyramid/my plate system, very similar to the Exchange program in some ways, and it's so much easier to me than counting calories. I of course use a food's caloric content to make a decision as to whether or not it would be a good idea to eat something, but I don't count overall calories for the whole day and I'm losing at a normal rate (0.5 to 1 lb per week). The Exchange system is very effective in my opinion.
  • tops2kopsville
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    Working on it. Will post food here and use cards. Also working on cutting out added sugar.
  • stangma
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    I'm new to TOPS also - used MFP a few years ago & will try to be more diligent. I am using the Food Exchange Cards & they help!
  • tops2kopsville
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    I do