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Running after back spasms

fitplease Posts: 647 Member
After a couple of days with very painful back spasms, I have run about 2 miles each week (in track workouts). In the weeks prior to the spasms, I was running 4 miles on a long run and about 2-2.5 miles for a short run (x2).

I was planning to work on Bridge to 10K and schedule my 10K for the end of August. Now, I am wondering if B210K might be too much too soon. Do you think I should go back to Couch to 5K for a little while? If not C25K, then what about a long run on the weekend and two short runs on the weekdays as I was doing? I suppose I would cut down the mileage and build back up again.


  • romyhorse
    romyhorse Posts: 694 Member
    For me, it would depend on what had caused the back spasms. If they were related to your running then I would cut your mileage right back and build back up gradually. You've got plenty of time before your 10k, you don't want to rush it and aggravate your back. I don't know if I would drop back to c25k, maybe just stick to your 3 runs a week but just less mileage. To be on the safe side maybe you should consult with your doctor first.
  • likitisplit
    likitisplit Posts: 9,420 Member
    If it were me, I'd lean toward cutting back on the running for a little bit. I'd also lean towards time rather than distance. If you feel stronger, you can go faster. If not, then you will go less far.

    You don't want to do that forever, because it can lead you into the "medium-hard" trap, but it is flexible for feeling your way back.