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Grocery Shopping

bcmlam1001bcmlam1001 Member Posts: 121 Member Member Posts: 121 Member
Hi guys! I am going grocery shopping this evening and would love some new fresh ideas! Anyone got any you would like to pass along to me? Thanks!!!!!


  • SOOZIE429SOOZIE429 Member Posts: 652 Member Member Posts: 652 Member
  • Laura_beauLaura_beau Member Posts: 1,029 Member Member Posts: 1,029 Member
    When I'm getting into a meal rut I search online or in my cook books for new & different meal ideas then make my shopping list based around the recipes for them.

    Variety is the spice of life :o) Be adventurous, I have amde loooooooads of lovely LC Indian or thai meals.
  • debbiestinedebbiestine Member Posts: 296 Member Member Posts: 296 Member
    stick to the outside perimeter. But don't forget the coconut milk (unsweetened), coconut oil, almond butter(no sugar!). Those are on my list today :)
  • bcmlam1001bcmlam1001 Member Posts: 121 Member Member Posts: 121 Member
    I've found LC Squash Casserole and LC Broccoli Salad...can't wait to try! Oh and Debbie, I have PB on my list but might get up the nerve to check out the AB! I always say I am going to but never do but that might be a change to the routine! I also thought that some sugar free apricot preserves sounds really good on top of some bonelss pork ribs! i still have to cook regular for my husband so I try to stay within th eboundries and buy things that I can cook both ways that he and I will both eat as far as the main dish then I make seperate sides for us. Crazy I know but I have to sneak it in with him because he thinks I am to skinny (like most people do when they are over weight and you are skinny) and it's hard to buy 2 seperate grocery list since groceries cost so stinking much.
  • ZipperJJZipperJJ Member Posts: 209 Member Member Posts: 209 Member
    Buy a bag of broccoli slaw (usually alongside the bagged salads) and add mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and Splenda to make coleslaw.

    If you can find black soy beans (my grocery store used to carry them but now they don't) - and I mean black SOY beans not black beans - use them to make baked beans with celery, onions, peppers, bacon, Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup and blackstrap molasses (my store used to carry this now they don't. Had to go to a "health food store" for this and the beans).


    I guarantee your husband will not notice that either of these things are low carb. Also they are versatile you can have them with chicken, pork, burgers, hot dogs, whatever.
  • cramernhcramernh Member Posts: 3,415 Member Member Posts: 3,415 Member
    Im a firm and dedicated lover of all that is herbs and spices. I have a pantry-cabinet devoted to a cornucopia of spices. I grow my own fresh herbs when in season, and keep my own stash in the fridge during the winter months.

    Make your own seasoning rubs for meats ahead of time.... Marinades - VERY easy to do...

    Ill purchase vegetables as fresh as possible and always in bulk. I love the feel of a sharp santoku as Im getting my mad knife skills going. Nothing goes to waste in my house - all vegetable ends go right into a pot with a variety of chicken, beef, pork bones to make a hearty homemade stock, along with fresh herbs. I actually have a stash of animal bones in my freezer that I like to stockpile....

    The one thing I can say that I purchase all the time is actually three things: Butter, Zucchini and cucumbers... OMG, cucumbers and that awesome crunch - cant be beat!

    Zucchini - awesome replacement for pasta, side dishes, and so damn sexy roasted in the oven with whole cloves of gahhhhhlic and fresh herbs.

    Butter - I purchase this in bulk at 1.68/lb and it comes in 4 or 6lb packages. My freezer would make Julia Child proud! ROFLMAO!
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