Day 2 - 08/15

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Today was Day 2. - I am glad that I am got up and got my workout in. I am feeling sore in the shoulders. The whole time I found myself yelling at the TV saying you are killing me. But remarkably the time went by so fast. I just kept telling myself you must finish this one exercise.


  • Godchilds
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  • Oh man, I was super sore until I did the 20 minute workout!! I set a goal today of doing the level 1 workout TWICE! Once before 2pm (DONE!) and again before 6pm (I have 4 hours to get started!!)

    That was WAY easier than it was yesterday!!

    Instead of listening to Jillian over and over I made a playlist of Spotify that I played while I worked out :-) That made the time go by super quickly!! Good luck ladies! Drink loads of water & stretch!! And make sure to get your protein! <3
  • revgosik
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    Day 2 went pretty good for me except for my shoulders. They are killing me. So pushups were terribly difficult.
  • KristyP05
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    Tonight was the first time doing this aerobic routine. It was amazing and I'm excited to see the 30 day results. I am not looking forward to how I feel in the morning. :)
  • kpye2011
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    I did Day 1 last night. I am unable to do some of the Shred due to a knee injury (that I reinjured last week). I am dropping this challenge and switching to Turbo Jam. The push ups and the constant up and down just hurt my knee too much. I will definately try this again when my knee is better:) Good Luck to all of you!!
  • Hello all I did 2nd day yesterday and I loved it. I always do my work out before I go to bed that way I get in the shower and can relax then I start my day off feeling great! Since I started the Shred I am down 2lbs :) Good luck every one!
  • raqufern
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    Hey everyone! Will be doing day 2 level 1 today and let me tell you that my upper body is SORE!!! I know that the first 3 days are the hardest so I am looking forward to this getting easier as well as to start seeing results! All of you are doing a great job! Keep it up ladies! Oh and I may double up on the 7th or 8th day so that I can catch up with all you ladies who started on the 14th!
  • Hello ladies! Iwill be doing day 2 today and so far, only my calves are sore . I need to make sure to stretch them well after the workout. :laugh:
  • MeganDominique
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    Hey ladies jumping in here, i started yesterday and tonight will be my second happy i found ya'll! I plan on adding in her 6 week to six-pack after the first 10 days as its cheaper than the gym, if i can figure out how to post before and afters i will..ive been a member forever but im new to the blog hahaha
  • fizzletto
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    I know probably nobody will read this as everyone's done day 2 already, but I just finished it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I found the bits involving the hand weights much harder today, as I have VERY weak arms and they were still insanely sore from yesterday; but the cardio bits, and the rest really, was quite a lot easier. I remember yesterday it felt as if I'd been working out for an hour at least and we hadn't even finished yet, but today I was surprised at how quickly it was over!
  • radtechlisa
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    I know that I am a couple of days behind everyone else but I did day 2 today. Can I just say, my quad are screaming, but I am feeling good everywhere else. Love the workouts. I am going to alternate between shred 1 and 2 for variety as someone else has posted.
  • Just did day 2 this morning and muscles are screaming! I woke up pretty sore, the thighs and armpit muscles so I could go full force on all the arm weights but feel good. It's a good hurt :-)