Who's still on the alternate day diet with me?

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I had a wobbly patch but i'm back on track now, i've not been weighing as i'm exercising a lot and it always goes up with me and i just get myself down so i'm using a pair of jeans i can't get into as a measure!

I've also started being a bit more careful about my up day calories i'm not counting them strictly but just making sure i don't go over the top.

hope everyone else is doing o.k x


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    I like your idea of using a pair of jeans! I was thinking of getting measuring tape because the scale fluctuates by a couple of lbs and I can't seem to see the difference.

    I am glad you are back on track. It seems as if this group has died down though! Not many people still on the diet I guess. Anyways, I have a few bad days but then get back on it. So keep on going! I think the alternate day diet is great and easy to follow. I haven't been able to exercise at all but hopefully that changes once I free up time.

    Good luck.

    P.S what is the 30 day shred? Sounds difficult. Good luck with that too :)
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    Yeah i think most people have stopped it, but look in my friends at keira's mom, she has been doing it for ages and lost loads! good to have the inspiration.

    The 30 day shred is an exercise dvd, i keep hearing about it on here so thought i'd give it a go alongside the diet. it only takes 20 mins which is great for me with 3 kids, but god i am aching all over!! you do it everyday, with one day break for 30 days and are meant to see a big difference at the end.its the woman trainer from the biggest loser. i might take pics to see the difference over time cos like you the scales are weird with me especially when i exercise.

    how did things go explaining it to your mum? x
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    20 minutes a day sounds very doable. I will look into it. Would your friend mind if I added her for motivation? At present, on my friends list I think you're the only one who's still doing this.

    My mum gets here on Tuesday, so yeah it's definitely going to be hard explaining this to her, she is all about having 3 meals a day, sitting down with the entire family. But fingers crossed.

    Keep me updated on the exercise and any progress. All the best.
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    Hi - This looks very interesting. Just sent off for the book, as I really need to activate my skinny gene! How are people finding this style of diet?
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    its my 3rd DD tomorrow so will weigh myself Thursday morning, then I go on holidays which is good but bad. Its going to be near impossible to fast while away but will get back on track as soon as the plane lands:) all i can say is, damn I love those up days! I hope my DD tomorrow is easier, the 2nd one was easier than the first. I dont think you need the book. Just go to the JUDDDD website and get your figures and start! Then you can read the book when it gets there and have a fair idea how it works. The only thing I struggle with is sleeping on down nights as I wake up hungry about 4am. Or I need less sleep, who knows! Good luck to you though, wll report back thursday!
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    I am hoping to start this today. Any suggestions? It is 830 am and I am already starving :(
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    I tried a down day yesterday (1st one) I had salad at midday and felt fine. Drink water when you feel like eating. Keep yourself really busy - that helped me. Also knowing I could eat the next day helped too. I went to bed hungry but woke up this morning not hungry at all! See how it goes tho.
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    Hello everyone :smile: I just saw the posts on here and figured I give you guys the link to the JUDDDers, if you don't already have it, since there is really not a lot going on here on MFP. There are loads of tips and great support from the girls there, you will love it!

  • sjeagle30
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    Thanks i will check it out. Im just scared to try something different/drastic.
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    My tip is to try and hold off until midday at least, that helps me not go over. Also lots of fluids and fight the pangs! They come and go all day. I saved 300 cal for dinner the other day and that helped me sleep.... I am having a protein shake for lunch (110 cal)afternoon snack of half an apple (35 cal) and dinner of protein shake, 1 egg/3 egg white omelette with 100g grilled tomatoes for dinner... dont eat just carbs, you will be starving! Think of tomorrow, I sure did enjoy yesterday!
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    this is definitely all about preparation and controlling those cravings! I'm on a business trip and having to plan 500 calories when your out with people or on vacation is really challenging. I brought most of my food on the travel day and fasted since Id be in transit but its hard when you have to walk by the TONS of fabulous looking restaurants. I ended up not having quite enough food but a small bowl of soup at a restaurant and a post dinner walk to make sure I was balancing those 50-75 calories off should do the trick. The more I plan the better the days are, also keeping track of things like you know you need protein at some point really helps head off the temptation.
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    Hello from Chicago!

    My scale has been stuck for a month so I thought I'd try ADF. Saw the video on Great stuff!

    I actually started an ADF challenge at fatsecret.com. You'll need to join before Sunday, Aug. 26 since challenge group will close and will not accept new members. Down/Fast Days less stringent at 700cals or less for women, 875cals or less for men. The higher limit might help those of us who are new to ADF stick to it better. Everyone can always do less at the 'normal' 400-500cals on Fast Days or 20%-35% of your maintenance calorie.

    Hope to see you there.
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    I was down Monday. Medium Tuesday, up Weds and Thurs. Today needs to be down. If I was good at following diets I would not weigh over 200#s!
  • I'm still doing it. Down days are really annoying but I stick with one normal meal for dinner and that gets me through the day. I know that I will have a real meal with my husband if I don't eat anything else the rest of the day. And no one even notices that I am not eating.
    7 down days. 5 lbs lost.
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    Hello fellow ADDieters,

    I'm a new recruit needing support and guidance.
    Started last week with a fruit fasting day...not the easiest so opted for up/down approach.
    I seem to be managing on 500 calories / 1800 calories OK but find that sleeping after a 500 day is quite hard.
    I'm finding it hard to switch off to sleep, but perhaps thats because of other things going on at the mo.

    I have my first girls' weekend away from my baby daughter next weekend and have vowed not to check the scales until then.
    The wedding is 2 weeks after that also!!!

    I know that I feel better within and am actually more concious of what I eat on my 1800 days as I want to make the most of them!

    Has anyone got any good tips for low calorie meals to use on LOW CALORIE days?
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    Salad and veg are great to fill up on and if you throw on some beans or low fat cheeses, like feta, you can get in your protein. I find a lot of it is just about knowing what cravings youll get when and prepare so you have the food and arent tempted.
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    just started :)

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    Welcome! I am also pretty new. One week in. I am loving the freedom of JUDDD and the scales have been moving down quickly my first week. Think that will slow down now. My belly was noticably smaller this morning. Might try on a couple of tight pants to see if it is my imagination. I have been a bit obsessed with researching the science behind it and spent way too much time on the internet yesterday. Don't want this to be another obsession. It is such a relief to be free of the food obsession. Feel good, really quiet inside after the down days. Haven't experienced the increased energy yet but that might take a few weeks according to the book. Good luck to you.

    Keeldrum, yesterday I put most of my DD calories into a soup. Added water to make 6-8 cups. Added spices and enjoyed throughout the day. I actually only ate about half of it but that left some calories for late in the day which is a tough time for me.
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    hey all! Looking for friends in the group... need people that understand the diet and not people that tell me I'm unhealthy (you know what I mean) :noway: So if you are also looking for that kind of friend, here I am! Send me a request :drinker:
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    anyone still around :)