Alright everyone, the first week's verdict is in! We'll learn if we have to push harder (LIKE ME) or keep hitting it strong like most of you already are! Still many many weeks left in our challenge, don't get discouraged, this is a long challenge to make time for ups AND downs. :)

Starting Weight:
Current Weight:

If you don't want to check in your weight each week, check in to let us all know how you are coping with the challenge, whether it be good or bad!


  • spaceEF
    spaceEF Posts: 177
    Starting weight: 158
    Current weight: 157.2

    I'd hoped to be counting pounds at a time...buuuut I'll take almost a pound for the first week. Not too shabby I suppose!
  • Liekel
    Liekel Posts: 16 Member
    Starting weight: 309
    Current weight: 304.5
  • MamaDee2
    MamaDee2 Posts: 848 Member
    I am not weighing again till Oct 1 - taking a little break from the scales. Challenges going well.
  • babydoll315
    babydoll315 Posts: 30 Member
    Starting Weight: 142.6
    Current Weight: 142.6
  • Lost about 1 pound this week. I did well with the water drinking. It has made the biggest difference for me drinking water before breakfast. I feel fuller longer.