DD weight gain

sicchi Posts: 189 Member
I am finding I gain after DD's and lose after an UD. Does anyone have this happen to them or some insight as to why? I'm so confused, lol :noway:


  • DryHeet
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    I wish I knew! I only weigh once a week (after a DD), so I have not personally seen this happen. But, I know on the LCF JUDDD forum, there were several threads where people reported this same behavior. You're not the only one! Hopefully, you are still seeing an overall downward trend.

    Keep up the good work!
  • kel7298
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    It could possibly be what you are eating...salt, carbs. Main thing is..are you losing?
  • fastforlife1
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    It usually takes 2-3 days for your body to eliminate what you've eaten.
  • sicchi
    sicchi Posts: 189 Member
    Oh yeah the scales are moving down, I'm just curious.... ya know, the science of it. I ignore the scales when I haven't "been", lol.....
  • cici52
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    Can't say I have seen this trend but if you look at the weight tracker on LCF you will see that some do bounce up and down in an unexpected way.
  • firstsip
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    Water retention--your body is more likely to retain water weight on low-cal days because your body isn't getting what it expects to get.
  • sicchi
    sicchi Posts: 189 Member
    How interesting, I've never heard that before.... i'm just waiting for that whoosh!
  • Keiras_Mom
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    Mine's all over the place. I often gain after a DD and lose after an UD. On the other hand, I can have identical menus and it can go the other way.

    Weight loss is not linear, and can't necessarily be attributed to what you did 12 hours ago. It can, and sometimes does, take several days for a good DD to show up on the scale. As long as your overall trend is downward, it's all good.
  • amandajayne11
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    I've just read the smarter science of slim and it discusses how the body is less likely to give up your fat stores if it thinks you are in famine. It's only when you're eating enough that it will use your fat for energy. There are hormones involved and it's not a simple case of calories-in / calories-out. I think this might be why we see more weight loss on the up rather than down days- I've been doing this about a week now and have noticed a similar trend. :)