Weigh In Stats

Maggie9fc Posts: 32 Member
I typically weigh myself everyday (obsessive, I know). But I'll post my stats on Mondays and Thursdays.
Current Weight: 145


  • Hello. I am totally in. Glad to work with friends of the same interest in losing and being healthy.
  • I'm in! =)
  • 4x4play
    4x4play Posts: 201 Member
    count me in!
  • RJK3786
    RJK3786 Posts: 2 Member
    Count me in as well! Let's all help each other!
  • DonaA123
    DonaA123 Posts: 347 Member
    im in to
  • I'm in, my current weight is 163.
  • I'm in! I way 155 now, gw is 115-120!
  • I am in!

    CW: 111lbs
    GW: 101lbs
  • SageGoddess320
    SageGoddess320 Posts: 2,649 Member
    Hey Gang! My name is Veronica and although I have more than 10lbs to lose, I'm all in. I'll be doing the Butt Bible Program and weighing in once a week. Let's DO this thang :wink:

    CW: 155.4
  • :smile: My name is Karen and I'm in too! CW 130 Thanksgiving Wt 120. (Total GW 105!!)

    I love short-term goals, that way I can't procrastinate so much!
    I was going to use the South Beach Diet program online, but this site is free and
    I like it better!

    Weigh-in is Mondays and Thursdays? OK!!!
  • mbkessler
    mbkessler Posts: 9 Member
    I'm excited to give this a try! I'll weigh in every Wednesday. I'm doing cardio 3x week and hour long pilates 2x week. I need to lose 21 lbs at this point, but 10 lbs by Thanksgiving would be perfect!
  • kywh
    kywh Posts: 75 Member
    This is a great idea--I need the help being accountable.
    CW: 162
    GW: 150
  • Balance79
    Balance79 Posts: 89 Member
    I'm in!

    Current weight: 126.0

    GW: 116
  • AlexandriaSykes
    AlexandriaSykes Posts: 15 Member
    Haha- ill weigh in the heaviest at 172- I cant wait to start this! ;)
  • batgirlmama
    batgirlmama Posts: 99 Member
    I'm in at 132! Would love to see more than ten gone, but I've been on a plateau forever.
  • spaceEF
    spaceEF Posts: 177
    Great! Already got started last night! I had a goal to lose 22 pounds ASAP and losing 10 by Thanksgiving would be awesome!

    UGW135 or better :glasses:
  • Id love to lose another 10lbs by Thanksgiving, Im totally in. Im trying to lose 20 by Christmas as well (there is a group for that too!).

    SW: 254
    GW: 244 (By thanksgiving)

    Lets do it!!
  • Balance79
    Balance79 Posts: 89 Member
    125.0 today :)
  • msmotivated86
    msmotivated86 Posts: 143 Member
    hey guys!!! I'm Amber aka msmotivated86...my starting weight is 197.2. My ultimate goal is 180 by my bday Nov.14 so with that being said, I have 17.2 lbs but I'll take 10 lbs too...good luck everybody!!!
  • Happy Friday! My weigh in weight as of today is 150.0. I hope to lose more soon. I have been at the gym four to six days a week. Mainly attending the classes. Cycling and zumba are my most attended. Good luck to everyone!