Maybe there is no "starvation" mode, read this

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Here is an interesting article,
which i noticed on some post in main forum.

I can not vouch for accuracy of that article,
but, it seems to be sensible, and it seems to be saying this whole "starvation" mode may not be true for all people.


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    btw, i am new here,
    still figuring it out as i go along,
    seems that for me,
    i have to eat juuuust a tad less than 1200 per day to lose even an ounce.
    BUT, i think this might be, because i am NOT very active, (yet)
    and maybe when i clicked on lowest activity level MFP offers,
    that even THAT might be more calories per day than i am actually using.
    not sure.
    Everytime i eat all 1200,
    or worse,
    eat back my exercise calories,
    i GAIN weight.

    but yes, i get tired of being attacked in main forums by body builders and those seeking to bulk up and those who are doing many hours per day of high energy workouts. I so so admire them, but, that is out of my league at this stage of my recovery.

    I have a bad valve in my heart, and arrythmias,
    and i can not even jump up and down,
    nor lean toooo far forward too quickly,
    without going into pounding heart palpitations. So Zumba is out for me at this point,
    but, who knows? maybe in the future, i will heal that heart valve, who knows.
    No doubt losing weight will help my heart.

    but for now, i am just doing some sculpting type "pilates" and similar stretching/toning moves,,
    and walking and walking.
  • Starvation Mode does exist, but not in the way people think it does.
    You can search the Minnesota Starvation Experiment for more information.

    There's also a summary here:
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    Jillian Michales said the Starvation mode is just a myth