Let's DO THIS!

KCrandi Posts: 125 Member
Good morning ladies!
Today marks day one for those who elected to start today.
Let's keep this group FLOWING with positive energy!

Lets check in when we get that work out in and let everyone know how GOOD we feel after!


  • annamtrx
    annamtrx Posts: 61 Member
    Very excited - there seems to be a LOT of energy, here... it's motivational!!
  • tidesong
    tidesong Posts: 451 Member
    Here I go, popping DVD in. Wish me luck! See ya in ~30 minutes, if I'm not dead. ;)
  • Just did the workout and I feel great. It was hard, but I pushed through and I'm so glad I did. It even inspired me to eat a very healthy breakfast! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
  • tidesong
    tidesong Posts: 451 Member
    Yay! I'm not dead! But man, I feel like falling over and going to sleep. It was definitely a very challenging workout for me. I can already see modifications I'm going to need to make. Knee issues and wrist issues had me doing push-ups as wall push-ups for now. Jumping jacks, I could do a few sets but then knees started bothering me so I would either jog in place or something else that kept my heart rate up. The floor work though, is really, really rough on my back. I just have a yoga mat and I'm on a hardwood floor, so I think I might need to invest in one of the thicker exercise floor mats I have seen. I also have to have a pillow under my head because if I lie completely flat, it triggers my vertigo. I hate my body's limitations that are out of my control. But, I will learn to adapt, and I'm still putting in as much as I possibly can physically. I can do this! WE CAN DO THIS!

    Now, eating some lunch, drinking some water, and will head to the gym for some additional cardio.
  • im happy i did it.
    i was tired and not motivated, but after the workout i feel better :)
  • Reilly001
    Reilly001 Posts: 4 Member
    \o/ 1st day done! I am sweating now....
  • AmyByExample
    AmyByExample Posts: 422 Member
    I actually left my warm cozy bed & got this done before work this morning. Good thing, because it's turned out to be a crazy busy day! Let's keep it going!

    Amy ;)
  • I'm going to do mine here soon *crosses fingers* i haven't worked out in so long! i better be alive after this :)
  • dramaqueen45
    dramaqueen45 Posts: 1,008 Member
    Okay day one= butt officially kicked! I have not done high impact aerobics such as running in place or jumping jacks for, I don't know, 20 years or more? I usually do low impact stuff such as step aerobics. I think I will have to ease into this and do yoga and walking every other day. By the way I am trying to figure out how many calories this is burning. I read somewhere to enter it as circuit training? 20 minutes (even though the whole thing is 27 minutes or so I'm guessing part of that is her talking at the beginning as well as the warm up and cool down.
  • ks33182
    ks33182 Posts: 41 Member
    I forgot how being on your feet all day can drain your energy in the evening, the cardio was the hardest part for me, the strength wasn't too bad. But I was sure tired, but I feel good that I did the workout...gotta keep on shredding!
  • tropaze
    tropaze Posts: 317 Member
    Last Friday I did a muscle pump class and my muscles are still sore from the class. I did however get up and goto my Zumba and stretch classes which I promptly followed up with the 30DS. I'm sorry I didn't do the 30DS first though, I barely made it through since I was tired and still sore. Tomorrow I'll do the DVD first and play my Zumba game 2nd (I have to play my game since there are no class tomorrow).
  • KCrandi
    KCrandi Posts: 125 Member
    I just finished this myself! Well done ladies. I track it as 187 calories because thats how many I burned with a HRM :)
  • crazytreelady
    crazytreelady Posts: 752 Member
    Finally started today... Sorry bout that haha..

    My leggies hurt sooooo much.
  • Rbecky80
    Rbecky80 Posts: 17 Member
    Day one done! Feels great. Exhausting, but great!
  • finished day 1, left knee is killing me right on the left side..smell like a wintergreen from the muscle rub, will see how it feels tomorrow may have to replace jumping jacks with something else? not sure what yet we will see what tomorrow brings.
  • rubypoh
    rubypoh Posts: 24 Member
    Day one done! Not so bad. I recently did the KettleWorx workout program and after the first workout, and the million or so squats I couldn't really sit, stand, walk or use the toilet without difficulty. I think it prepared me for this. The hardest part for me was the push-ups (I have always been very challenged by them) and the jump ropes. My HRM said I burned 291.

    My goal for tomorrow is at least one more push-up before my arms give out and I hit the floor. That should be doable.
  • missabeez
    missabeez Posts: 280 Member
    I started yesterday in case I would need to take a few breaks in between. So today was my day two. It still kicked my butt but I felt better than yesterday. Didn't take as many breaks.

    I have a chalkboard right at the front door that I have tracking the days for me. I put a Smiley every day I complete the level. 10 smilies each!
  • dancerom
    dancerom Posts: 174 Member
    I did it again. Although I didn't really had time, because I had to go for emergency fuse shopping (no electricity in the whole flat!) And this was a 30 minutes extra bicycle ride! But I did it. The third time now... And I feel great.
    Now I have 15 min for shower and cooking till my dance partner comes over for lunch, preparing and training...
    Enjoy your shred!!
  • yaafee
    yaafee Posts: 274 Member
    Dripping sweat on day two. Gross but awesome. I'm really trying to push myself and not take the easy way out. That second set of pushups and second set of side lunges really took some motivation.
  • jazzminx
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    I didn't get to starting yesterday, it was just one of those days. I WILL start today. Still haven't located my tape measure though. I found one of the kids rulers yesterday, so I'm going to use some twine and measure that :)