currently 145lbs and I'm 5'5 Is 110lbs a reasonable goal?



  • I'm 5'4. My weight was for decades 115 pounds and then I turned 35 and I gained a pound each year and sometimes 2.
    When I started I wanted to go down to 125 again or 120, because I know how hard it is for me to loose weight. Now that I'm walking/.hiking 3 times a week and go to the gym, I'm at 124 and the weight is coming of and my muscles are starting to show. I will try to go to 115, but that is the lowest I would go for.
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    BMI is extremely misleading and unreliable especially for "skinny-fat" people. What's your body fat percentage? Instead of BMI I'd recommend focusing on decreasing your body fat percentage to around 8-10% if you're a man (much higher if you're a woman) without losing lean body mass (which can be done with a moderate caloric deficit and consistent weight lifting). Once you reach your target body fat percentage, I'd recommend adding "clean" calories and lifting weights to build muscle mass while maintaining a low body fat percentage.

    Focusing on weight is really your enemy here -- you could go down to 110 by losing massive amounts of muscle and fat, or you could go down to 110 losing mostly fat while sparing muscle, or you could end up never going down to 110 because you actually have gained muscle!

    Agree wotj Invictus here! Just going by what you "weigh" doesn't really tell you anything at all. There is a lot of difference on the scale with lean muscle mass versus fat. I am 5"4 and was once 125 lbs (after dropping from 208!). Now I'm 138 lbs but gaining muscles & definition. Which weight am I happier at......the heavier one now. My clothes fit better, I feel better, fitter and stronger. The scale doesn't measure those things. I upped my cals, picked up the weights, have more energy and am FINALLY starting to love my body. :smile:
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    I agree it depends on your body shape. I am 5'45'' and my smallest ideal weight is 116. If I reach 115 or lower then my boobs and butt disappear and I like those parts of my body! Also, if you put on muscle you might stay at the same weight but become smaller :). I have a friend who is a size 0 (I am a 4-2 depending on the brand), and she weights 135.

    Hope this helps

    yes, it depends on your build/frame and the amount of lean body mass. i am 5'7", 135# and a size 2/26, sometimes 0/25. before i started practicing yoga on a regular basis, i was 125# and the same clothing size.
  • I am 5'5 and 130 lbs. I can't imagine at this height being 110 I would feel like a bone rack. Muscle also weighs more than fat, I'd say build muscle mass and go by inches and body fat%, skip the scale for a bit.
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    I am 5'5 and 130 lbs. I can't imagine at this height being 110 I would feel like a bone rack. Muscle also weighs more than fat, I'd say build muscle mass and go by inches and body fat%, skip the scale for a bit.

    120 or 130#? (you posted twice!) :smile:
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    I'm 5ft 5in, & have weight between 108-118 my entire life. Personally, even when I was young & didn't have any muscle tone loss & some fat to replace it, 118 was closer to an ideal weight for me. I've always been told that I was very skinny, and I also don't have much in the bust area, so I'd say someone at 5ft 5in shouldn't really be less than 115 or so.

    Ideally, I've always wanted to be at least 125 with a bit more weight all over.

    If it gives you a better idea, this is me currently at 115, and the jean photos look pretty much identical to how I've looked my entire life, no matter if I was 102lbs or 118. My when I dropped to 102, my stomach was far too sunk in & my face way too hollow. Even at 115, I expect I'd look better with more toned weight & muscle on me, which is my goal.
  • Well, to be honest, im 5'5" and i weigh 110 lbs, however i still have fat around my tumme and tighs and such, i' m not muscled at all! Just flabby... I can barely squeez into a size 8, weight is just not what matters, i'm the living proof.

    Xx, cheers, Michi
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    I'm 5'4" Before I got pregnant with my son, I was 125 and very toned - low BF. I was very active everyday doing aerial and hiking and running and yoga. I was a size 2.

    Now - 4 years after his birth - I weigh 127 but have a higher fat %. I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I'm still coming down from about 135 where I settled for the 3 years after he was born. I started working out again seriously last March. Body fat % is what my goal is focused on. It's way more important than weight!
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    Just echoing everyone else; I'm 5'7" and sit at around 115 - that's just always been my "comfort" weight due to my body type I guess. However I don't have a whole lot of muscle so I expect my weight to go up even if my inches stay the same, which is why I've been measuring my progress by my waist width as opposed to anything else.
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    It's really interesting reading all of the different body descriptions and how it relates to weight. It's really telling how big an impact fat vs. muscle plays and weight really isn't reflective of how much flab and fat a person has.
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    I'm 150 and about 28% body fat, which means my lean weight is 108 lbs. My goal weight is 135, which would be 20% body fat for me if I kept the same lean mass. Or maybe little bit lower if I gained a few more lbs of muscle. The lightest I ever was in my adult life was 120, when I was rowing in college. I was in really good shape and muscular, but everyone including me thought I was too thin. It really does depend so much on build.
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    I was 5'5" and 110-112 for years. I have a small frame, so that was part of it, but I also exercised a lot and ate well.

    I'm 124 now, and I'm out of shape because some injuries left me unable to exercise much for a while and it's been a long road back to my old activity level (which, for all I know, I may never hit again).

    I have no desire to be 110 again, though. I'm actually happy with my current weight, though I'm not happy that my body fat % is on the high side of healthy (we're talking about a mm away from unhealthy). Once I get that down to the mid or low range of healthy, and I increase my strength and endurence levels, I'll be happy with whatever my scale weight is.

    Personally, if I were you, I'd set the weight goal on MFP to 125, hit that and see how I feel, then set it to 120, hit that and see how it feels, then *maybe* go for 115 and see how that is. I think if you set your goal for 110 early on, it's just going to lead to frustration along the way, and if you're a goal-oriented person you may end up pushing for that possibly unrealistic or unhealthy goal despite having already reached a size you can be happy with.
  • hey girl,
    I am 5 ft 5 as well and found that 110 is an awesome weight for our height. You feel and look great and clothes and have just enough curve left to not look TOO skinny. I have lost more weight since then due to being sick :( but am working my way back to it!
    I got to that weight by eating three 300 cal meals and snacking on fruit, veggies and yogurt in between those meals. Good luck! xxx
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    I am 5'6.5" and currently 116. I wanted to lose about 5 pounds but it seems my body is defying me.
    I was 95-105 until I was 22 but I guess my metabolism has slowed down now that I am 24. :(
    So I think 115 might be a better goal especially since you want to gain muscle. I was pretty much just skinny fat when I was at a low weight with absolutely no muscle definition. So now I am trying to gain muscle too and look better overall and just ignore or maintain my weight.

    Hi! I could be your twin.. I'm 5'6" at 109 right now (started at 115).. Looking to get lean.toned to 105-ish.. That's when I look the best.