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Dec 28th, I'll be 4 mths post op.

This whole month has been one big stall for me pretty much - I've lost like 3lbs since Dec 1st, which is nothing compared to the first three months. I honestly haven't done anything differently this month - eating just as I had been all along. Is this normal at this stage? I am getting incredibly frustrated with myself at this point.

(My food diary is not open because I use the "notes" section for some personal stuff - but an example of my day is:


Oikos Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt
2 Tbsp Grapenuts (mixed into yogurt)

Cal: 170
Protein: 14grams


Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Bread - 1 Slice
Wunderbar Beef Bologna - 2oz
Land O' Lades American Deli Cheese - 1.5slices

Cal: 375
Protein: 18


3oz. Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast - baked
1 oz Rotel Tomatoes
2 Tbsp finely grated cheddar cheese
1 oz Sweet potato, baked

Cal: 214
Protein: 16

SNACKS (throughout the day - not all at once)

1 Wasa Crisp
1 Light Garlic Herb Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge
1 Packet Swiss Miss Sugar Free Cocoa
2 tbsp skim milk (in cocoa)
8 oz skim milk

Cal: 250
Protein: 13

Daily Total:
Cal: 1009
Protein: 61

So any suggestions? Should I up my protein more? Or just ride it out and keep doing what I am doing?



  • JimLeonardRN
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    From all I've read you will cycle about every 3 months with a stall. It varies on how long it last. For me, a boost in calories fat and protein occassionally will stimulate the loss again. I think it wakes up the metabolism, and takes it out of that hold on mode.
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    Ive stalled for around a yr now, its killing me :(
  • miss_erynn
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    What was said above, up your calories, fats, carbs and protein.

    Also, if you tend to eat the same things every day (like I do for periods at a time), change your diet up. I get on kicks on things for weeks at times... currently on sweet & sour veggie "meatball" quick with tofu noodles. I've eaten it everyday for dinner for the past week....and will continue to for a couple more weeks because I get really full off it. When I start to notice that I can keep eating after my meal, it's time to change it up!

    If you don't exercise, maybe start walking or something? Or if you do, change up your routine. Everyone (including non-WLS partients) plateaus..... it just means your body is craving change. Shocking the system is the best thing to start stimulation and loss again!
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    You might want to try tracking your sodium for awhile. You have a few items specifically the rotel and the bologna that are sky high in sodium. Maybe switch to a fresh sliced tomato and shaved low sodium turkey breast instead. My NUT says to try and get 60-100 grams of protein per day. You might be a bit light on the protein.
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    Yep. Perfectly normal. Are you taking your measurements??
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    I haven't really stalled yet, but my surgery was exactly a week before yours, Erin. When I have slowed a little, I have increased my protein and exercise. Granted, I'm probably a whole lot bigger than you at 6'3", but I aim for 120 to 130 grams of protein a day. Your 60 seems low. I added a serving of Syntrax Nectar protein drink. They have flavors like Lemonade and Fruit Punch, so it's a change from the usual types pf protein shakes. And I mix it with water instead of milk, so it keeps the calories to 100, with an extra 24 grams of protein. It should be easy enough to try.

    I don't eat many carbs at all -- I'm pretty much a carnivore. I try to make sure pretty much everything has at least some protein. I measure, weigh, and log everything I eat, and my average calorie intake since the day I got home from surgery has been about 1,050. Starting in mid October I got a FitBit, and keep track of what it tells me I burn. When I do the math, calories burned minus calories eaten, divided by 3500, it comes out to within about ten percent of what I have actually lost. Not day by day, or week by week always, but always by the month.

    I expect to stall too, as I get closer to my goals, but that's going to happen. Heck, you have a lot less to lose now than when you started, right? It HAS to slow down, because you've done so well. I know you've been working hard, and all of a sudden it will show back up on the scale. Hang in there.
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    I stall out frequently actually. Then I get a dramatic loss...then stall out again. What matters is that you are moving in the right direction overall. I get so frustrated...but then I look back and see that I have lost 95 pounds in the last 8 months so I cnt really complain! Take your measurements. I bet you are losing inches when you stall like that. I see that many others complain about the same thing so I am guessing it is pretty common!
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    I also understood stalls are supposed to be a normal part of the process for the body to adjust. I'm also 4 months out and every so often the scale stops moving, but then it starts up again. However, see if you've lost inches sometimes that happens to me during a stall.
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    Stalls will happen. It is giving your body a chance to catch up on all the weight you are losing. I have lost 2 pounds all month, so I stopped weighing. I will check in January. :)
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    I stalled for a month or so going up and down or would stay the same until this week lost 4lbs. Thanks for this thread!:smile: