PTFM: Biggest Loser Challenge!

mz_asher Posts: 87 Member
Hello all! this will be a simple plan. All you have to do is..

1. weigh in once a week on Monday's (doesn't have to go on record if its not your official weigh in day-mine is on Tuesdays)
2 .post our start weights and percentages for each week. You must record a loss or a gain (just like the show).
3. workout on your own schedule but be accountable :)
4. You will need to post a before picture along with your starting stats.
5. Post on your news feed your results or post on the fourm or both :)

If you have anything else to bring to the challenge feel free to post :)
* At the end of the challenge we will post a winner :) You will also be posting and after picture at the end of the season.

** you dont need to watch the season to join in just weigh in on show day :)**