New to the group... Looking for friends to stay motivated

flowernat Posts: 10 Member
I am about 5-8 pounds away from my goal weight but seem stuck. Thinking tracking calories might help me... I work out twice a week and eat well mostly but just need to buckle down.


  • jellybird
    jellybird Posts: 37 Member
    The last bit is the hardest. You probably need to up your workouts to 3-4 times per week.
  • I am right there with you. Gained a few vanity pounds because of a knee injury summer 2012. Dropped 6lbs since Christmas from eating better and being able to slowly incorporate running into my fitness again. Looking to drop another 10-12!
  • kellyrae1189
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    With ya! I'm only 5-10 lbs away from my ultimate goal weight, but right now I'm kinda stuck where I am. I wouldn't mind staying this weight if I could just build some muscle.

    Feel free to add me and we can commiserate about those last 5+ lbs together. It's a pain. :P
  • tracym7777
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  • 2ndstar2therite
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    Right there with ya.... 5-8 to go and it's going so damn slow I feel like I'll never get there!
  • pineygirl
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    Same here....would be really happy with about 8lb loss. It's been going really slow. 6 weeks in and I lost 2lbs but gained them right back somehow. It's always so hard for me to lose because I'm never really more than 10lbs away from my goal. As it is now I have a healthy BMI of 22.7. I want it to be more like 20 though.
  • marielaem
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    What is it about these last 7lbs or so that they just refuse to go?
  • DreamRunEat
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    Charlene723 Thats where I am now :( I have been in a boot since dec19th 2012 hoping it comes off on the 27th of feb i am SUPER depressed :( need help!!! Lost 70lbs in 2010 & dont want to go back!!
  • Iwant2b140
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    I am 5 lbs away from my "first" goal weight and 10 away from my "ultimate" weight. Fell free to add me as well. I have kicked up the morning fitness routine but need to keep my calories under control.
  • ultimatecurtis
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    I have 3 kids ages 4 and under. Gained 5 lbs after each pregnancy...looking to get my pre-pregnant weight back! Boo Ya!
  • heidihurl
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    NEWBIE to the Group... I am in dire need of support and motivation.. I am 55... and have hit this horrible horrible stage in my life where my body is NOT mine! I am active... work out.. walk just about every day... happy... eat well... but all of a FREEKIN sudden in the past year or so.. stuff is shifting and changing. I know, I know.. this whole menopause life change is crazy. My weight has shot up 10 lbs... and I can feel it right in my middle... Weight Watchers worked for me a few years ago and I am thinking of taking on my own POINT system and really buckling down before summer hits.. actually.. my goal is to drop 12 before my son's graduation. Have been weighing myself on my home scale and WAS happy with my results.. UNTIL, at work we all decided to do a "Biggest Loser" challenge.. I stood on the work scale (official medical scale) and went into SHOCK! So... right now I weigh 137 and would like to weigh 125... Is it a crazy dream??
  • kemit1976
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    Hi I am new to the group well few days ago.. and just looking for like minded people.. I am 5'9 and 96kg.. i am not obese just muscular i still have a way to go to get to goal weight and exercising is not an issue I have that down packed. have a great personal trainer.. i eat clean most of the time. but have hit a brick wall with my eating ,, i have found being gluten free has made me better in so many ways.. i have a vege garden, that is producing lots.. so there is no excuse. I have motivated other people to join mfp, to look at their diets and to take up exercise. I am some peoples inspiration, but i now lack motivation in food. well life my son has been ill for a few days now and lack of sleep is getting to me i reached for chocolate and coke old habits are hard to break completely.. I have gone from a 18/20 top and bottom to 14 bottom and 16 top.. my boobs just wont move everything else has moved but they haven't at all and that gets me down a bit. I know what it takes to get healthy i know what i hve to do.. I am looking great i want the life style i want it for the rest of my life to be healthy and fit.. i was even wriitng a blog but even that has gone hayward and not written in that for ages.. i need goals but my goals are for exercise not really healthy eating.. i need to set goals and stick to them.. sticking is teh hardest part.. I am a single stay at home mum with two children one has autism they are both homeschooled.. we have a blast and love out life.. but i need goals last couple of years I have studied this year i have been floating not really doing any set goals.. i kinda feel lost.. I am going to do tough guy girl in june but need goals between now and then.. just feeling bit lost at the moment.. so I am looking for friends.. i am one of those when i am good i am really really good and when I am i just need a slap told to pull my head in and keep going .. I work hard and play hard..
  • petstorekitty
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    my current goal is to drop about 5-8 lbs.
    ideally more can go away but that's for later :)

    My Diary is public. I'm also open to help, suggestions and more friends with similar goals and activity etc etc..
  • Aymzc
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    Hi I'm new to the group.
    Current weight 67.9kgs looking to get down to 63kgs (10st) to start with
    I'm 26 and 5ft1