I don't know if this is allowed but

I have some meals that I don't like, and it's too late to send them back. So if anyone wants to buy or trade different meals for them just PM me.
Peach iced tea (1 whole box) $13
Mocha Shake ( 1 whole box) $13
chocolate pudding ( 1 whole box) $13
Chicken and wild rice ( 1 whole box + 4 extra) $15 for all
Parmesan cheese puffs ( 2 meals) $4 for the 2.

None are expired.


  • kimmy6779
    kimmy6779 Posts: 21 Member
    i'd love to have everything except the peach tea! I would be willing to buy it from you!
  • I know this is a long time ago but do you still have the peach tea?:drinker: