New to MediFast

Hello Everyone!

I am just getting back to MFP after being....well lazy. I've started MediFast along with my Fiance. Our wedding is in six months and I would love to expand my friends and support team on MFP to aid in my success.

Best of luck to you all and I look forward to us ALL meeting our goals!


  • kaitie23
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    Welcome to the family!
  • ThaRealNicki
    ThaRealNicki Posts: 328 Member
    congrts and welcome!:drinker:
  • luv2ash
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    Congrats on joining the Medifamily. Let us know if you have any questions.
  • welcome......i am just back to medifast after a baby. welcome to add me
  • nchrty
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    Welcome! I am new to this board as well, but not to Medifast. I lost 70 lbs over a 7 month period a few years ago and have kept it off since. Medifast is a wonderful program and I am sure you will reach you goals!!
  • Medifast i a great plan and should get you into shape quickly. This is my second round. I did great on the plan before then I ended up on Prednisone and well, I gained back all that I lost then more!
  • Laylasmom77
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    Welcome to the Medifast Family:)
  • emmaruns
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    Welcome! Medifast is awesome. My advice? Avoid the oatmeal at first!
  • AmyNVegas
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    Welcome, I am pretty new to it, too. Been using the Medifast plan off and on for a month and a half (off during Christmas/New Year's). I just bought a month and I am going full Medifast, with some changes from my coach(nutritionist) and my doctor, this month will be my first full month with the products.
  • luvinmefirst
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    Welcome! I'm new as well. Not new to MF but new to the group. My recommitt day was 1/5/2013. Good Luck!
  • cortmanteau
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    I'm new, too! (as of 1/2/2013)
  • Hello!

    I started Medifast today after not being able to exercise for several months due to knee surgery. I have tried several diets over the past twenty years and really hope I can stick with this one and reach my goal. I "only" need/want to lose 25 pounds for now, that is my first goal. Glad to see there are others to reach out to that are on the plan.
  • Stacivogue
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    I am back to being committed since 1/3. Wishing you all luck! Feel free to add me.
  • marjolycookie
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    Happy New Year all! I suppose it's the perfect time to commit and recommit!

    Please feel free to add me for any support you might need. I might be almost done but it's been a long journey.
  • kimmy6779
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    ive been on mf since 1/1. always love to see more mf buddies, add me!