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When do you weigh in?

staceypunk Posts: 924 Member
I weigh myself after I get up in the morning (and after peeing). Then I weigh myself after working out (I do it first thing in the morning). I am always amazed that I weigh .5 pounds lighter after I work out. And that includes having 16 ounces of water that I drink right after working out. I guess I just sweat that much!

Does anyone else weigh less after working out?


  • seabeckteach
    Yup unless I drink a ton of water, I am lower.
  • a_new_dawn
    a_new_dawn Posts: 517 Member
    First thing in the morning after a toilet trip. And before my morning cup of tea!
  • JABGoochie
    JABGoochie Posts: 78 Member
    once a week 1st thing in the morning after toilet trip
  • Roboartist
    Wednesday mornings. I think I will probably break even on weight this week but I have been steadily losing about a pound a week or so since before I joined here.
  • giusa
    giusa Posts: 577 Member
    Once a month, try to have a "Check-in" on the same time and day of each month...take measurements, weight, BMI and BF %.

    Body Fat % - that is the key for me!

    Originally I started once a week but the scale was playing mind games with me!!! So I only do this once a month and I feel like there's a huge weight off my sholders! Besides I don't do this for the scale, if I did I would have lost my mind by now. Taking measurements and BF% is what gives me a true picture.
  • pkinblue
    pkinblue Posts: 140 Member
    generally Friday ams after my workout and pee but before coffee.I measure every 2 weeks--but not always on the same day.
  • hkmurphy83
    hkmurphy83 Posts: 262 Member
    Too funny! I weigh in twice each morning as well. I weigh ASAP in the AM after my bathroom duties and again after my workout (which immediately followed the first WI) and subsequent bathroom trip. I, too, am down anywhere from 0.5-1.5 lbs lighter after my workout. However, I don't drink anything during or after my workouts until after my 2nd WI.