How do you take your coffee?



  • Black with ...4 spoonfuls of sugar..ohgosh I need to wean off that stuff haha. the sugar, NOT the coffee ;)
  • HowieTwoPointZero
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    Like my women, dark and slightly bitter.
  • Right now I am working on weaning myself down, but I do 2 tbsp of creamer and that is it in my coffee.
  • Black espresso, a teaspoon of sugar. Two if I'm sad or tired or if the coffee is dishwater :|
  • Black and strictly coffee flavored.
  • morninglory5782
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    With Silk French Vanilla Creamer. probably about 1/2" in my cup before i brew my 12 (or 16?)oz. cup in my Keurig. My favorites are Island Coconut, Chocolate Covered Donut, Mountain Blueberry, and Pumpkin Spice, all from Green Mountain Coffees :D
  • morninglory5782
    morninglory5782 Posts: 30 Member
    GEEZ-WHIZ! I just started MFP and after looking at my Silk French Vanilla coffee creamer, I think i'm going to have to replace it! I think it's the worst thing in my whole diet!
  • I don't like sweet coffee at all. No sugar or sweeteners for me. Creamers have are too sweet for me. Look at the ingredients and you'll see corn syrup or some other kind of sweetener in them.

    I do like half and half (REAL half and half, fat free half and half isn't half and half). I'll give up calories on just about everything else but not on my half and half.

    I can drink it black, too, if it's a really good coffee.
  • black
  • ejohndrow
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    Every morning I get up at 0430, I put on a pot of coffe and measure out 4 cups, shower, fix a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of flavored creamer. The rest goes into my travel mug with 2 teapoons of sugar and flavored creamer. I get my gun, go to post and enjoy the rest.
  • Maccbow
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    COFFEE!!! :drinker: I LOVE COFFEE!! :love: I don't skimp on my coffee. :bigsmile: I like cream (half n half), and extra sugar. :happy: Of course, I account for it in my diet, and during the week I cut way back, but I allow myself to have a few cups on the week-ends. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee! :love: I've tried quite a few times to give it up... but, that's not happening. I'm glad I finally came to that realization. I just plan and account for it. Happy me. :happy:
  • Sirenism
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    4oz espresso
    4oz fat free milk
    1oz of sugar-free flavor of some kind
    A ton of ice.

    BAM noms.
  • miche_smash
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    I love flavored creamers... I was excited a couple of weeks ago that 'holiday' flavors came out- pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha! I know they're no good nutritionally but for right now that's what I'm sticking with. I try not to use too much per cup and I usually drink 2 maaaaaaybe 3 cups in a day.

    Just talking about it has me excited for tomorrow morning when I can have more coffee :)
  • Alice_H
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    Black, unless I'm doing my morning bulletproof coffee, in which case it gets a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a pinch of stevia.

    We're currently working through a bag of David Lynch Organic Espresso, which is some of the tastiest coffee I've ever had, but it's unsurprising that Lynch would know his coffee.

    I think Starbucks is the only coffee I *won't* drink black - that's because their coffee is so awful that it needs the cream and sugar mask.
  • 5stringjeff
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    Black. I buy coffee online from a company called Coffee Fool that has awesome tasting coffee, so there's no need to add sugar/cream.

    And on the occasional visit to Starbucks, I always get the blonde roast, which doesn't have the trademark Starbucks burnt taste.
  • FitGuyWillDoIt
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    Black. No sugar. No nothing. Just coffee, and maybe ice if I want iced coffee.
  • nerdgirlinlv
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    Dunkin. Hot-black Iced-w/ a lil cream
  • hajenkatt
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    I add a smidge or sugar and a big splash of half and half. I am a latecomer to the land of coffee so while I use less milk/cream than I used to, I still like it a bit sweet. However, we brew our coffee STRONG, and I can't drink it when it is watery and weak. LOL
  • BedfordRunnerMom
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    Black - I love the taste of coffee!
  • Black all the way. I don't know why people dilute the beautiful richness of black coffee with sugar and milk! ;)