Cheat Days?



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    I never "plan" a cheat day or meal, that way I don't feel like I should eat it if I don't want it.

    Thank you, I think this is good advice. I think if I don't plan the cheat meal, then it won't happen as often or maybe at all. I do love eating paleo and I've never felt that way about counting calories before. This lifestyle is excellent! =) It's nice to know that some ppl indulge every now and then but don't fall off the wagon completely. Paleo is not a hard wagon to be on in my opinion =)
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    I say try to be as strict as you can and you'll feel the best difference! That said I have basically no willpower. So when I'm trying to be as primal as possible, somehow (like today!) a cookie slips in or whatever. That said I really FEEL that cookie (or whatever thing it is). The sugar hits me like crazy, and then boom crash! My tummy get a little out of sorts and the next day I'm just not 100%. It really didn't take me long to become sensitized to this stuff. (maybe I always have been but just never noticed? Maybe it's all placebo and I'm a crazy person? haha who knows)

    Anyway I kind of like that I now get a little sick from a cookie. It motivates me to eat well again. Again life style change, a process, etc. I know now what my body feels best with. Do I always succeed in making those right choices? heck no! But at least I know what foods really feed me, and what foods feed the stressy emotional crazy parts of me. And if I start to feel ****ty I know I've got to hunker down and eat my yummy veggies and meats again and boom I start to feel better. AWESOME SAUCE!

    yeah, so sure you can be a slacker like me and have some cheats, but remember it'll slow down your progress and ultimately make you a bit sick. That said, it's cool cuz you now are empowered to get back on that horse. You know what you got to do. So do it. :)

    Love this, thank you =) I imagine that I am going to find out if I am truly sensitive to gluten and sugar and etc. Right now I wouldn't say that I am but who knows? Maybe I am and I've been ignoring it somehow...
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    I'm primal, not paleo, but I go to Chipotle about once a week and get a burrito bowl with double meat (1 serving of steak and another of chicken), fajita veggies, salsa, cheese and guacamole with lettuce and cilantro on top.

    This. Chipotle actually tries to get decent meat and local veggies when in season so it's not so bad.

    I basically get the above when there except I also add the sour cream and cheese (I'm primal also). Very satisfying. I hadn't thought of getting double meat though. Maybe next time.

    Also nice is that Chipotle has a nice nutrition tool on their website so you can enter in exactly what you ordered and it will give you all the nutritional info you need to enter stuff here.

    I will say my taste buds have changed since eating this way. My daughter left a package of Oreo Mega Stuf on the counter and I grabbed one to try it. I didn't really like the taste of the Oreo and I used to be able to inhale those things (after a thorough dunking in milk of course).

    As far as cheating goes, this way of eating feels like cheating sometimes with all the delicious and filling foods you eat.
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    Cheating days are cheating yourself for a fleeting bit of what you currently view as pleasure.

    Yes, it will harm you.

    Your choice.
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    I eat chipotle pretty much everyday. There are some days where I really want a burrito but i force myself to get a salad or a bowl. With guac. and after eating it, i'm satisfied and what I ate still tasted good. And I agree with the previous poster that said bread is really just a vehicle for most things like burritos and pizza. This weekend i'm trying out pizza stuffed bell peppers because I love pizza as much as i love chipotle. Btw, I used to eat loafs of french bread as a snack and now i rarely eat bread. ( I actually do miss eating french bread :) )

    Go for the "cheat" if you want. just keep it under control. Im not very good at moderation and i'm jealous of you if you are! Advice from veteran paleoers is great but really its about what you want from this lifestyle. And alot of it trial and error and your body will react different than someone elses.

    agree with pp...I think "cheating" is emotional. Ive been trying to change my view of what I think is pleasure. I really miss Dr. Pepper also.