Advice on my daily intake

1) What's your current intake of calories gross, on average?


2) What's your current average intake of protein, carbs, and fats, in grams?

180, 200, 60

3) Do you use a food scale and measure everything?


4) Do you track all of your intake, daily? (Everything?)


5) Do you take cheat days or days off?

not really. I don't really restrict what i eat.

6) How much weight have you lost so far?

13 lbs since December 2012

7) What is your activity like, both exercise and non-exercise?

exercise wise, i do the Starting Strength basic M-W-F and 20 mins cardio for 2 days, usually on the lifting days. non-exercise, i got 3 kids.... we love to go to the park and play football... a lot.

8) How long have you eaten at your previous amount and what happened in that time frame?

2 months roughly. I just started my lifting program within the last three weeks. I was lifting since December 2012, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I want to make sure I am eating right for the amount of training I am doing.

9) What's your height, current weight and if you know it, bodyfat%?

5"7, 213, 33%

10) If you're stalled, for how long and is it a complete stall (zero change in weight)?


Thank you guys so much in advance. I really appreciate it.


  • SideSteel
    SideSteel Posts: 11,068 Member
    This looks pretty good. My only comments:

    Your p/f/c in grams adds up to about 2060 if my mental math is correct.
    Your fat intake could be slightly higher but it's not alarming as is.

    180/200/75 p/c/f gets you to about 2200. Anywhere in the 2200-2300 range should be pretty good and your results confirm it.
  • Gmoney2124
    This sounds about right. I eat 2500 when I train, 2100 on rest days. Thank you for taking your time to respond, appreciate it.